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  • Flat Surface Plate

    I needed some flat surface plates so I repurposed some free Quartz countertop samples. They are flat and shouldn't bend. Quartz countertops are a composite material and it was easy to drill the hole for the guide pin. I marked the hole location with a sharpie and Goof Off removed all traces of the markup. After the hole was drilled I used a larger bit to slightly countersink the hole to make it easier to locate. Repurposing something that otherwise would be thrown away is always good.
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    Many years ago I picked up a granite surface plate (approximately 9" X 6" if memory serves) from industrial supplier MSC.
    They were marked down at the time, I have no idea how much I paid but is was reasonable. -- Ernie


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      Years ago, some guy was pushing setup blocks made from 1/4" plexiglass for a ridiculous price. I went to a cabinet shop and got scraps of Corian for free and made better ones for everybody on HRW who wanted one for the cost of the VHS tape-sized Priority mailing boxes. There were hundreds of them, and I had a ball cutting them out and grooving a slot in them. We never heard from the jerk or his plexiglass again. Victory is still sweet all these years later.


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        So, that was you, huh !

        Just kidding
        Butch Dunaway
        Oxford, Ohio


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          Sometimes you just have to one up the guy who is trying to make a fast buck.