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    Recently at a yard sale I picked up a Life Like 4 lane set for a friend who has this type of track set up, just to test cars and have a little fun in the basement, mostly with old T Jets. Funny thing is, the cars that came with the set have NASCAR type bodies on the "T" type chassis. OK, that's all well and good, except the set came with a low voltage wall wart (12 or so volts) and the cars had NO traction dot magnets in them. I'm guessing this was for the home user with kids and at the slower speeds and lower voltage the magnets just weren't needed, and would probably cause the cars and controllers to overheat.
    Anybody ever seen this before? Thanks -- Ernie!

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    Haven’t seen it but have been wondering about it.
    I have a small oval and run without traction magnets at 12 volts. Even at 12 volts, T-Cars are rocket. Had been wondering about removing the dot magnets but the motor itself appears to have pretty strong magnets.


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      I can't even imagine those hot rods without the magnuts....they are possessed fast as stock units


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        When I had the the HO track set up I still used the variable power supply and just set it up to where ever the cars felt comfortable, which wasn't the same for all of them.

        The wall wart I had, I think it was AFX and a switch to go from 9 volts to12 volts to 20 volts if I remember right.
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          Those are good wall warts for modern home set recreational use. 8, 12, and 22 volts is what they're supposed to work out to. List price is a bit steep at $38.99 on the AFX website, but they do the job they're made for well enough. They are a no brainer upgrade for any Auto World track set, for sure!

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        The Life Like T cars are made to run at 12 volts and the LL sets with these cars came with a 12 volt transformer. The traction magnets in these cars are tiny dots. I'm not sure how someone could get them out of the chassis.
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          Pretty easy to get the traction magnets out.
          I started by drilling a hole above the magnet. Drill bottomed out on the magnet, so I took a small finishing nail and tapped the magnets out. I sat the car over a piece of wood that had a hole drilled into it.
          There’s some red residue on the magnets. I wonder if they use red Loctite as an adhesive.
          I noticed a small crack at each magnet hole. I thought I cracked the chassis. Nope, there on other cars. I wonder if an Xacto knife in that slot could free the magnet.

          As for running, the motor magnets still keep the car stuck to the track fairly well. This was running on 12 volts.
          For grins, I ran it at 8 volts with a 25 ohm Parma controller. I really liked that speed, but the car was still stuck to the rails pretty good.
          I think next step is to try some of the mystery MU metal I’ve read about.

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        The first Life-Like T chassis cars did not include the neo dot traction magnets although they had pockets for them. The motor magnets are neos and the cars without traction magnets only came with the sets. I was not aware that the sets had a 12 volt power supply. Here is a history of Life-Like:


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          The end of that article needs to be up-dated to show that Terry Flynn is Harden Creek Slotcars.

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        Thanks to everyone for their feedback on this subject. Without the neo dot magnets I can't in good sense of fair play move them on to my fellow club members. I feel they would be compromised on the very large 6 lane tracks we run on using regulated power supplies at 22-23 volts. Their competition would be Life Like T (with neo dots) and M chassis, AFX Super G+ and SRT Turbo cars. Thanks again for the input. -- Ernie