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    What is the electronic board on front of motor for? Can it be removed and motor wired to the shoes? I was running one and it suddenly has stopped running, any ideas why? Motor did not seem to be hot, just dead. Thanks

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    I can't answer the question as to what the purpose of the board is, but I've had the same thing happen to me. I re-soldered the wires to the board and that got me running again. The wires had not come off, perhaps it was a cold solder joint?


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      The board is an RFI filter, it is there to conform to the latest government regulations. The shoe hangers are part of the board assembly, so you have to keep that even if you connect the hangers directly to the motor. I had the same problem with one of my cars. If the problem is caused by a poor solder joint that might be difficult to fix. I simply replaced the entire motor/RFI filter assembly. JAG Hobbies sometimes has the assemblies in stock. AFX does not sell replacement motor/RFI board assemblies, you have to buy an entire rolling chassis.


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        It helps modulate the power to the motor.


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          Sure! It can be done. It's not really hard, just fiddly.

          The caveat is that you need circuit board soldering skills. At a minimum you'll need a fine tipped iron, desolder braid or some canned air, perhaps a squeeze bulb in a pinch. The board is integral to the fixment of the hangers in the chassis. A critical aspect.

          There are two ways. One keeps the board, one does not. Neither one is mother approved of course.

          1. Pry out the motor module and RFI board as a unit. Just hopscotch the whole mess. Solder wire leads direct from the motor to the shoe hangers and reassemble; thus keeping the motor and board together as a module.

          I personally enjoy bashing the board with a hammer, in the hopes that the interference interrupts our overlord's incessant monitoring and theft of information. LOL

          2. Pry out the motor module and RFI board as a unit. Desolder the module from the motor. Desolder the shoe hangers from the module. Solder leads to the comm lugs on the motor, and then to the hangers. The hangers will require a careful drop of CA gel or epoxy to secure them back in the chassis. They can be secured by smurging some of the surrounding plastic with hot iron as well.

          The obvious warning here is on the comm lugs at the motor. A prolonged heat cycle could lead to internal distortion of the comm plate and kill the brushes/springs at their mount point.

          One can schlobber up the hangers a bit, but the motor lug lead attachments require quick tinning skills.

          Good Luck!


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            "Smurging"... So that's the technical term for doing that eh?


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              Yes Peter, highly technical!

              I would also consider: sssss'melt?

              Nylatron kinda sizzles when ya cook it.