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  • Controller for HO cars

    What is a good controller for HO cars. I will be running 4 gear AW chassis on a small oval. I have two steering wheel Aurora controllers that I will use to let two lanes run constant laps and I will control one lane with a controller. (I'm a solo racer) For my 1/32 track I use PM controllers (electronic) I like the grip and cost and it has great control of the car, I installed one resister to control launch. On the 1/32 I run AC variable power supply by Lionel 90W, 5- 18 volts.

    I'm also going to run variable power for the HO track.

    Thank you

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    The Professor Motor Club Racer Pro controller is just dandy for HO. Good for both HO and 1/32nd.

    Ed Bianchi
    Ed Bianchi
    York Pennsylvania USA


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      It used to be that the Parma Economy line of resistor controllers were the way to go if you were wanting to step up from set type controllers, sadly those are no longer being made. Many thousands of Economy controllers were sold and they should be easy enough to find on ebay or by doing a wanted to buy post on any slot racing BB. If you want to go for a new controller A 90 ohm Professor Motor resistor model would be the low cost choice. A 60 ohm controller might be a better match for a 4 gear car, but the next step down in the PM line would be 45 ohms. DS has a line of resistor controllers in the same price range that includes a 55 ohm model. The problem with resistor controllers is that for different types of cars you would need a different ohm value controller. Rather than buy as many as four different ohm value resistor controllers many people elect to buy a single more versatile adjustable electronic controller. The PM controller that Ed recommended would be a good choice. Another make to consider would be an OS3 controller from One Stop Slot Shop.


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        Thank you


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          I'm running the standard yellow Tyco controllers and they work for me for both the Tyco and AW Tjets I'm running. Out of curiosity what ohm rating are they. Once I decommission my 1/32 scale track I was planning on trying to find resistors to change my Parma economy controllers over to HO use.



          • slothead
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            As a Tri-State are dirt fan I might be interested in items you decide to sell when you decommission the 1:32 scale track. If you have any scenery and trackside stuff let me know. I've checked out some of your cars when you've offered them, but never made an offer. I'll eventually get my new oval put together and plan to have a retro modified series on it. Mostly coupes but probably also some early Gremlin & Falcon bodied cars.

          • padirtfan
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            Slothead, I'll keep it in mind. I'm not certain yet if I'll completely ditch the bigger scale, but that's where I'm leaning at the moment. I finally got the decals to finish the Freddy Hamm Dorney Park coupe so I'll need to be able to test it out and then decide if I keep it or sell it.

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          If you are considering an electronic controller then you should also look at Difalco and Lucky Bob.


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            I'm using old Aurora "Russkit" controllers with 80 ohm resistors. I use Aurora AFX wall Wart "C" power supplies with are labeled 16 volts. I've only run old Aurora Thunder Jets and Auto World Thunder Jets with the traction magnets removed. If you would like to try one send me a personal message. The Aurora controllers came in different ohm ratings, the most common being 45 ohm and these are yellow, the 80 ohm are blue and there are other colors and ohm ratings.
            I like these controllers they are inexpensive and still readily available, they must have made millions of them. They are also light with light spring pressure and good ergonomics.


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              The most common fault with the Russkit/Aurora controllers is the electrical contact to the wiper arm is through its pivot and its spring. Lots of issues there.

              The fix is to move the wire from the frame to the wiper arm itself. Leave a good loop of wire so it flexes easily and solder the end of the wire directly to the wiper arm.

              If you have never soldered before this is a great way to get started. It is one of the easiest soldering jobs you could ever do. Go to YouTube and look up "how to solder". There are scads of "how to" videos there. Make some popcorn, sit down and enjoy a festival of 'em.

              Realize that there is simple soldering and not-so-simple soldering. Ignore the wonky stuff. All you need right now is the basics. Pay attention to the basics. The basics are important.

              Buy what you need and practice a bit just soldering wires together, or better yet, wires to thin copper strips. Once you've gained some confidence do the deed!

              Award yourself a merit badge in soldering. You've gained an important and useful hobby skill.

              Ed Bianchi
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              Ed Bianchi
              York Pennsylvania USA


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                Are the Aurora/Russkit controllers the same as the yellow Tyco controllers?


                • BIG E
                  BIG E commented
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                  Definitely not, in both size and resistor rating. -- Ernie

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                My Grandson has been using a 1/32 PM controller for ho cars and it works fine.
                It has adjustable sensitivity & brakes.
                Not sure of the model, I bought it used .
                Why not give yours a try for ho if you like it?

                I believe the Aurora controllers are bigger than the Tycos.


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                  The Aurora "Russkit" controllers are different than the Tyco ones, they are a bit larger than the Tyco and current AFX controllers.


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                    I make Controller Adapter plugs that allow you to quickly and easily convert virtually an two-wire controller to work with AFX & AW power tracks. They install in seconds with no soldering or messy electrical tape.

                    Click image for larger version

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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0486.JPG
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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0485.JPG
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                    I'm just about to release a reversible power plug adapter as well. Will make it easy to connect any power supply to your AFX & AW power tracks.
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