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    I purchased a few Aurora Thunder Jet Chassis New Old Stock took them apart cleaned & lubed them the only thing I had to replace were the tires I have a set Skinny Silicone's on the rear (Definitely Helped Traction) and a set of reproduction original tires up front runs pretty smooth made great use of the aprons in the outside lane also purchased a few Chevelle and Camaro Bodies Fun Cars!

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    Jeff Fitzpatrick
    Troy, New York

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    Hard to beat good old skinny tire t-jets for "fun factor"!
    They are my favorite HO class!


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      HOCOC has a class for nearly stock T-Jets called "Vintage Tin", we have not run them for some time however.


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        Very cool, Jeff. Be careful when using the original equipment carbon motor brushes. They're 50+ years old, usually hard as a rock, can score the commutator, and will many times cause the chassis to run hot. Every Thunderjet chassis (Aurora, JL/AW, Dash) that I run, whether it be for racing or for FUN, I always install a pair of the Wizzard carbon/copper composite motor brushes. They're much softer, conduct electricity much better, and won't score your nice clean NOS commutators! A bonus... you can use them in any pancake chassis, including A/FX, Magna Traction, and the Auto World Xtraction. Yes, they work fine in the old A/FX Magna Traction cars, even without the little locator nub that the original Aurora ones have on one side. I purchase the brushes directly from Wizzard in a bulk pack of 100 pair. Good to have inventory on hand, and you save a few bucks that way, too! Give 'em a try. -- Ernie