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is auto world getting better

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  • is auto world getting better

    after a long time 2 years or so of not buying any auto world cars due to getting about ten duds in a row i just purchesed 4 auto world funny cars and dragsters 4 gear and a t barn find 59 chevy impala aw t jet all ran great fast and handled good did i get lucky or are they getting better i know all the stuff about bent axels and such as i mentioned in my drag strip post i dont fix the bent axels on drag cars because it makes the more realstic going down dragstrip the new impala thunder jet is perfect out of box

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    Well...... we just purchased a couple of sets and a few cars..They all ran well.
    Took out the mags and they still ran well..
    I'm hoping this means their QC has improved..
    Nice to be able to open them up and run them with out having to fix and tune..

    Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...


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      very encourging thank you for letting me know ur take on this i used to run mostly afx and tyco but as i run on afx track i like the t jets as they are a little smaller plus aw makes such cool bodies