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Custom 1970 AMC Javelin Trans Am

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  • Custom 1970 AMC Javelin Trans Am

    1970 AMC Javelin Trans Am

    I had always wanted this 1970 AMC Javelin Trans Am race car as an HO slot car. I started making these peak era Trans Am series HO cars over twenty years ago. Since that time Model Motoring, Road Race Replicas and lately Auto World along with Bauer have produced many notable cars from this series. However I did not expect this car to be made so I embarked on this never ending project, working on it on and off it took almost a year (a move didn’t help to speed up the process). The expense to make this car is exceptionally silly too. It took three Auto World bodies plus four cans of Tamiya paint and then Patto’s decals. I think each body was $15 and each can of paint was $6 so that’s $69. Almost forgot the rear spoiler from an AFX Javelin, luckily I got one from a busted up car. I’m glad I made it but don’t recommend trying it yourself. If you’d like one of these I suggest just modifying, painting and decaling an Auto World AMX - OR - wait for someone to produce it.

    There was not an HO car made of the ‘70 Javelin. But Aurora and later Auto World produced the ‘68 AMX which was a shortened two seat version of the Javelin. Basically the Javelin and AMX were long and short versions of the same car. But there are differences between the ‘68 and ‘70 model years. The ‘70 Trans Am car had a hood scoop and no hood vents. Plus the contours on the quarter panels of the ‘68 version were eliminated. A substantial rear spoiler was attached to the truck for 1970 no doubt to help the Trans Am race effort.

    There was a twelve inch difference between an AMX and Javelin most of it in the rear seat area. So to make my Javelin I would add to the lengths of the roof and doors by slicing two AMX bodies together. The original Aurora AMX body used a Thunder Jet chassis in a short wheelbase configuration so I would move the front axle to the longer wheelbase configuration. This meant that the front body mounting post would also need to be moved rearward. I did this all with minor trimming and test fitting.

    Once the body sections were joined these was a lot of modifications needed. The hood needed to be smoothed down and a large scoop added. A tall rear spoiler also needed to be added and the quarter panels smoothed down. The grills between the ‘68 and ‘70 are different but I ignored this. The Trans Am race cars all had fenders bulged out and I did not address this either.

    Once painted and with decals it makes a decent replica of the winner of three 1970 Trans Am races. It could be improved with fender flares which would give it a more serious look. It fits in well with the other Trans Am cars I made over twenty years ago.

    I’m so glad Auto World is making more of these late 60s early 70s Trans Am cars because it’s saving me a lot of money plus the time and effort to make the other cars.

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    That car came out damn fine, Nitro!
    I'm sure it was a labor of love for that car, super job!!


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      That looks fantastic! The Javelin is one car that really needed to be made to have a Trans Am fleet!

      But why did it take 3 bodies?

      Why doesn't my car run like that?



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        Actually I used four bodies.
        I needed to lengthen the body which was two.
        I cut out the hood scoop from an Auto World Dodge Challenger for number three.
        The fourth body was an AFX ‘71 Javelin, I cut off the rear spoiler.


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          Very nice work! looks great!


          • noddaz
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            Hey Auto World! Look at this car! lol