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  • Back to more fun again

    I did not want to tell it before there wasn´t enough to talk about :

    After hatching the idea for a long time meanwhile, I am lucky enough to have got back some slotracers at last who originally raced 32nd scale for many years, quit racing and now, after "some" persuading, are in for slotcars, modeling, scratchbuilding AND racing again, but now in „private“ and, above all, in 43rd scale !
    It didn´t take much to convince them of the "thrill" of 43rd scale, as long as you are willing to search for parts and to scratchbuild and don´t expect to find much on the market.

    What luck. They are used to building their own cars, one still has the wooden 32nd scale track in the basement, another one has just begun designing one.
    So after a long period of just proxies and nothing else we have held the first two heats on my track, five people each time, and some more still working on their cars. One heat was for classic NASCAR, the other for all kinds of saloons. Even a diecast was at the starting line !
    The classic NASCARS - gen. one and two - were copies of the big pile of resin kits of this eras and the famous "Legends of Racing", which not even had to be painted yet but only thinned out and equipped with a cockpit and a well working chassis.
    Restrictions are
    - 12 Volts
    - N 20 Motors ( we are interested in comparing our real building AND driving abilities )
    - equal tyre sizes for all
    - PU tyres
    - full front wheels, no O - rings or whatever, sealing allowed
    - plastic chassis ( will be altered for other and later race classes or after some time )
    - gears free, I have them made in China by our specs.
    - interior 3D, not flat
    - inserts
    - paint scheme may be individual, but has to represent a typical NASCAR scheme of the generations ( no "Red Bull" or so ), scale - like.

    Real fun is back ! Some people at the track, relaxed competition, talks, lots of fun.
    Yes, we can call it slotracing again.
    Lets´s hope it will last very long !


    Btw.: Four strips of 2.5 meters each are cut and routed, too...
    Actually we are looking for an affordable, simple dragstrip software.

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    This is great news Roland, definitely a great start and introducing new racers to the scale, well done!

    Photos please!

    Regards, Lloyd.


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      Photos of what, Lloyd ? The track has been shown here already more than once. The people don´t want to be shown in public. What I will show somewhen for sure are the cars and how they run on the track. But not so early - we have just got together and met personally for the first time a few weeks before.
      You know - "Patience is...."

      It will never become a scene or so. They all are slotracers and modellers, we have a quite similar attitude to the hobby but no ambition to do more than having fun together in our small group. The social aspect is almost more important than the hobby. Hang around together, talk, laugh, have fun. It could happen as well that we meet and won´t lift a finger for the hobby.
      That´s just what I have been missing for a long, long time.
      In another forum I explained what happened with my intention to have produced gears in China.
      Like this I have adressed organising real races, not only proxies ( ! I of course like proxies, but a race is a race ), but with the same result. No reaction at all, not even one.
      Now I am past caring - at last !
      Remember the "good old times" ? We met at the track and someone brought a new chassis, a new idea etc. etc., another one had completed a new building or whatever and so on. In person. Live. Not via screen.
      Strangely enough you can´t say the same about the bigger scales and not even about H0.
      43rd scale seems to be doomed to remain the xmas toy scale without even the tiniest ambition to real races. Don´t invoke proxies now, they aren´t more than an excellent opportunity to encourage people to do their best to build a slotcar for somewhat like "best of show and fastest on track". Fortunately enough we have them. But we all still call ourselves "slotracer".

      Enough blabla. A neverending story.