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  • CarerraGo Porsche GT3 Proxy

    CarerraGo Porsche GT3 Proxy

    race dates:

    13/14.03.2021 Dusan / Boro2011 [Hamburg/Germany]
    27/28.03.2021 Peter / pfuetze [Austria]
    10/11.04.2021 Enrico / ElCheffe [Germany]
    24/25.04.2021 Claus / photomanHH [Hamburg/Germany]
    08/09.05.2021 Ingo / Ritze 143 [Hamburg/Germany]
    cars should arrive between 08.03 -12.03.2021 in Hamburg

    3D printed chassis (print @ home or bought as a kit from Boro2011)
    motor/gears - original Carrera from Porsche GT3 - 2010
    wheels and axles - original Carrera from Porsche GT3 - 2010
    tires - original or rear tires from Ortmann 42p
    tires may be glued to wheels, front wheels may be sealed
    fixing of body to chassis to be done with the original screws
    wing may be mounted flexible
    additional weight may be added only inside chassis and body
    max. width 46mm
    all tires have to touch the track
    driving voltage may be selected by team ownder - standard voltage 12V

    individual paint job - highly appreciated (but not necessary)
    adding of clear windows - possible (contact Claus for some nice vac-formed ones)
    lights - possible
    inlay with driver - possible

    point for each race according to F1 point table!
    overall standings to be summarized.

    Porsche GT3 (2010) only!

    shipping costs:
    6 euro for all shipping costs

    repairs during race/between races:
    The respective host decides alone if a necessary repair can be conducted!
    Small repairs i.e. loose cables won't be a problem.

    swap of motor, pinion or crown gear
    If one of these parts should fail during the race, the host can change the part in coordination with the entrant if he is willing to, but he doesn't have to do it. Otherwise the car should be shipped home at the cost of the entrant. Entrant and host have to clarify the details of the shipping costs between them. If the car is not shipped home, it will stay in the collection box.

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    Fun proxy and that's a great looking Porsche! 3d printed chassis and lexan windows should really help the performance.


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      How does one get the files to print at home?


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        Originally posted by Gipper
        How does one get the files to print at home?
        you have to contact Boro2011, designer of the chassis for this.
        normalle, you get a kit, but for 5 euro, he will send you the files for personal use.
        i can send you his email adress by PM if interested.
        race series starts in 2 weeks! that´s not much time for shipping over the pond, you have to calculate custom times, too.