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  • 3D printed bodies

    I bought a 3D resin printer and have been posting quite a bit in the 3D section.

    However this is specific to our beloved 143.

    I took a couple of 132 files that people were gracious to share with me and scaled them down to 143. I did discover that I needed to add extra wall thickness after they were scale down as without doing this the bodies were to thin and not viable.

    I have done a Ferrari 312P and a Porsche Can Am 917-10. These pictures show the models after being washed and the supports removed. No sanding or painting has occurred yet. These resin printers are pretty incredible and fast. Each car took just over 1 hr to print. Damage on the front left wheel vent on the Porsche was caused by me being to vigorous removing the support structure.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	P1080415.jpg
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Name:	P1080416.jpg
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Name:	P1080417.jpg
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    I also a have been very busy and printed out a bucket full of spectators. The detail on these is incredible as well. In addition to this I printed out a motorcycle. The detail is so fine that free standing brake cables printed out as well.

    I printed a chassis, but the resin is too brittle around the Bearing posts. I have ordered some tougher resin to blend with the basic stuff. A 1:3 mix will yield a durable and strong resin for chassis and guides according to the reviews I have watched on Youtube..

    To state again what I have been saying in the 3D forum. I knew nothing about CAD or 3D printing, and had successful first prints right out of the box. Failures occurred on the scaled down versions of existing 132 files and were caused by the paper thin wall thickness that could not support itself.

    This is from a $220 Anycubic Photon Mono resin printer.



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    Those look really good!! I definitely need a resin printer but first I have to get my Ender3 dialed in again.


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      those bodies look great, Dan!
      thanks for your report!
      do you have a picture of the motorcycle?
      figures and spectators - i know that they will come out great.

      is the resin tough enogh for bodies? or is it brittle? compared to other resin bodies?


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        It seems ok for bodies, but until I see one hit the wall , I am not sure. My plan is to add about 30% Flex resin into the standard resin. I have the resin on the way and will let you know what I find out.




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          Here is a picture of the motorcycle. Right off the printer with no cleanup. It even printed the brake cable

          Click image for larger version

Name:	P1080418.jpg
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          • chappyman66
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            very cool

          • pfuetze
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            thanks Dan!
            that´s an awesome print and the motorcycle looks great, too!
            will have to add this one to the scenery of the Desmo!