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  • My "motor way"

    When I switched from the bigger scales to 43rd scale one of my intentions was to build any model I would like to, and as scale as possible.
    To be able to do that it was necessary to find a motor that was small enough to fit almost any car – no matter if inline, side - or anglewinder driven.
    But it should have enough power to be competitive.

    After some tests it was clear that the GO - / SCX – sized motors are too big.
    So I began to search in China...
    Soon I found a motor that was exactly what I needed – at least regarding the dimensions:
    15x12x10 millimeters.
    The first problem was the tiny diameter of the arm shaft – 1 mm.

    The next and more extensive one was the extreme number of differet voltages and rpm the various motors had.

    Since the N 20 – motors are very cheap I began to buy different variations. A handful here, another one there and so on. Finally there were about 60 different motors lying around, none of them really usable.
    I tried compromises like voltage reduction by resistors or diodes but all that was not really satisfying.
    The motors had too low voltages, too high rpm but all in all they were not really as strong as I needed them to be as slotcar motors.

    My next step was the search for Neodymium motors. Well, I found one quite soon. It was the only one at that time. Unfortunately it did not work reliably, started only at 6 volts, so not usable.

    This procedure took part for more than three years.

    Since I never wanted to build and run slotcars at any cost and using any motor that seemed to fit, no matter how big it was or what voltage or rpm it had, I did not do much for my hobby during that time.

    Then I changed my attitude. I split my search.
    • motors with strong magnets
    • motors with an appropriate voltage, possibly 12 volts because this is the voltage I have been using for my whole slotracing career
    • motors with appropriate rpm, possibly not more than ca. 25 000 at 12 volts to be able to test a lot of geardrive variants.
    Well last year first I found motors with polymer rare earth magnets, later even with neodym magnets. Voltage and rpm did not match my needs.
    Then I found motors for 12 volts with ca. 26 000 rpm, but normal ceramic magnets.
    Another problem was that he motors have to be able to take some loads. But most motors only have simple thin metal strips as brushes. Only a few were equippd with real carbon brushes.

    Logically the best combination would be a motor with 12Volts, Neodymium magnets, ca. 25 000 rpm and carbon brushes.

    Luckily all these tiny motors are really very cheap.
    So my final decision was easy : Buy a pile of each of the different motors, disassemble them, put the usable, matching components aside and reassemble them to a new motor that would be exactly what I need.
    Well, and so I got motors that are small, nevertheless strong, fast and reliable.

    I am able to build almost any model now, no matter if open cars like LM or CanAm, Formula or any kind of touring cars, no matter if inline, sidewinder or anglewinder.
    The final job was to adapt the motor shaft to the pinions. Since I let my gears make from brass after my specs they have a 1.5 mm bore. Fortunately there is matching telescopic brass tubing, so I can make sleeves myself and glue the pinions on the shaft then.

    At last I have what I want !

    The way was long, took a lot of patience. But it was fun and I learned a few new things.
    And since all my motors are the same type and driven on the same voltage, I am able to compare my models really realistically because the basic condition – the drivetrain - is the same for all and is only being varied by the gear ratio.
    I don´t even have the smallest intention to try other motors for „more power“ . So or so it takes quite some time to master a car up to its limits. So why putting in another motor ?

    And now the funny part of the story begins: trying and testing.

    To me it is proven now that a good adaptation between all parts, especially between motor and the rest, is the most efficient way not only to any kind of success, but above all to lots of fun.

    I should have made this decision decades ago....

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    I found the Mineabea square cans, and liked their performance. Only 15 K at 10 volts, but the cars were very drivable with decent brakes. For me they provide a motor that is good enough, and I still use them even though I have found quicker ones.

    it is very interesting to see the different ways we have got to 1/43 . Thanks for sharing



    G.P Alberta


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      for me, the BARC motor is a great motor when it comes to size.
      for best driving experience, i like the Tomy AFX motor from the standard 7 ohm motor for 2 GBP.
      when size doesn´t matter, i put in a FF050 - 11170 motor - the one with 18000 rpm @ 12V

      or simply use a Carrera go! motor - which is an awesome motor for no magnet 1/43rd cars.

      the greatest problem i see is constant availability for 1/43rd slotracers around the world.


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        One of the guys in my club used to sell 1/43rd scale winged sprint cars. If I recall correctly those were powered by open frame HO motors like the ones in Tyco Pro and HP-7 cars. I believe that Tomy Turbo cars used the same type of motor. JAG Hobbies has the HP-7 motors in stock.


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          A short response -

          I know I know, there are dozens of motors in different sizes that are being used in 43rd scale slotcars.

          Talking about slotcars in "almost 43rd scale" - well, there you can put in anything lying around up to 13D size - see Artin and similar.

          But this is not why I build 43rd scale models now. I primarily do it for the word "scale".

          You can´t do this with H0 square motors and with minebea square motors either. At least as long as you to are interested in real scale models without any compromises like openings for a protruding crown gear or bulges for the edge of a motor.

          I can build almost any car now in 43rd scale, including open wheelers, and the cars are fast and strong enough with really good rpm, acceleration and brake despite the tiny motors. An expenditure of time that is worth having been spent.


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            @ Peter - I agree with your last statement.

            BUT :

            How many 43rd scale slotracers who look at least a bit over the rim of a tea cup are we actually ?

            - one Fin
            - one Austrian
            - one Canadian
            - ca. five Germans
            - ca. five British
            - ca. five US Americans

            Not to mention the age structure.

            The reasons ?

            No use to cast pearls before the swine for another discussion about that.

            I have only one sentence, relating the situation here in Germany :

            No real races → no race scene → no rising or continuing interest in development → creeping decrease.

            Proxies would only be a fully adequate replacement if they were performed with similar strict rules as serious slotcar races.

            So what produce a real good slotcar motor for ? Even SCX who made the only real oob working 43rd scale cars produce quite offish.


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              This reminds me of a sardonic joke a comedian did years ago. "You never see people smoking anymore, What, are we dying out or something?"

              People from a generation that has an understanding of rest, creative leisure, and a job as independent of "real" living rather than the enslavement of a job that is the main part of living are indeed a dying happier breed. Hobbies are essential to good mental health, as far as I can tell. Everyone I know who says they don't have time for a hobby is a nervous nutcase that I coerce into coming over to run my cars on my track. They leave healthier than they were every time.


              • 4424ever
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                I like your strategy Rob

              • walker
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                Well said....


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              Originally posted by GoldGuy
              Actually, there's more than one Cdn. that post here.
              I wrote what I know resp.what is recognizable. People who are to be seen once a year or less may fall through the cracks. The one I know and mean is to be seen very often and recognized easily.



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                Hello Roland, the 1/43 Zoom meetings have now added 1 Frenchman and 1 Russian. We have had one Australian and another, Roland Rhorle, is planning to meet up with us soon.

                The more the merrier!

                All the best, Lloyd.