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    Hey guys, so good to finally have time to get back in action, can't wait to overload my brain once again... did the 1/32 thing now for a few years( and still will buy my little favs) but now ready to dive back into 1/43 full steam!!! More kids, new house with a basement i"ve always wanted-life is good and it's great to be back!!!!

    Danny C.

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    also got a good line on the dslots from the rc world i've been submerged in for the past few years. The million dollar question is do dnano tires work on these cars(i race mini z) and if not who makes tires that fit? Been out of the game for so long my dslot tires almost crumble when you touch them😕 still have a bunch of ranch chassis waiting to be brought back to life, and loads of scx and carrera cars to re-tune
    track i'm running is 16x4 scaley with full borders and a 14 ft back straight-i will be looking for loads of new and old info as i dive back in... i'm looking at you peter and barc as the guys i know and trust from years ago!!!


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      Welcome back!
      Tires for DSlots - difficult question i got no answer for right now. CarGo is officially out of business, maybe if you contact him privately, he still has the moulds, as he did all the DSlot tires.
      track - sounds like a nice setup! congrats on family and basement!
      if you got any questions - fire away!


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        I was unaware that CarGo had closed. So where do people buy tires from?



        G.P Alberta


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          that was what we discussed in the last Zoom meeting, too .....
          Ortmann is the only reliable source
          JelClaws are reliable, too, but the tires are rubber and the selection is very limited.
          Bruno in France (retro64) sadly is not with us anymore.
          So, CarGo is missed and i see no source on the horizon.
          No problem for the printed wheels i´m using, since the Ortmanns fit the size, too. But for all RTR cars with wheels with center rib there is a big hole ....


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            Welcome back. Like you, I am getting back into slot cars after a hiatus of several years. I have limited space so I run 1/43 right now and just bought a basic Carrera set even though I still have a perfectly fine SCX setup. My preference is having my 1/32 Scalextric track set up so I can run both 1/32 and 1/43 cars. I never took the dive into DSlot cars as they were just coming out as I was weaning myself from buying cars. At the time I was buying 1/32 and couldn't justify their price.


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              Hi, there is few tires for DSlot cars in the Ortmann tire list.
              If I remember correctly many of the DSlot tires that CarGo sold fitted to some Carrera GO car aswell.
              I got lot of both cars and if you can't get tires from Carsten I can try to find fitting Carrera GO tire for Kyosho wheel.
              There is a lot of Carrera GO tires from Ortmann.

              Peter, what happened to Bruno?




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                Is “Bruno in France” the same as Slot Cars Tyres?
                I purchased DSlot tires from him earlier in the year but the website says “closed for family reasons”.
                Perhaps someone should contact Paul Gage about manufacturing 1/43 tires. He does tires for Cox 1/43 cars so he may be amenable to making them for other 1/43 brands.


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                  I emailed Paul a couple of years ago about 143. He is too busy with 132 and just doesn’t have the time for 1/43.

                  The scale is so minor in NA and few people advance it past GO! and magnet racing.

                  This is one of those cases where you must have one to advance the other. There needs to be sufficient demand to make manufacturing tires a profitable enterprise. However in order to create demand you must have tires available!?

                  It is important to remember that GO! Is Carrera’s biggest seller. There might be a market for after tire wheels and tyres, but who steps up. I have been involved in cottage hobby industries in Trains and RC tanks, Frankly they are a labour of love and not worth the time. For someone in North America 1/43 is going to be a struggle. Carrera needs to slightly improve the GO cars. The scale needs a manufacturer who builds RTR cars with guide flags. No need to over engineer them like DSlot did. Just an SCX type chassis would help our cause..

                  GO! Pro. Just redesign the chassis to include a guide flag.Peters 3D chassis are a great example of what is needed at the Carrera level. If box kits came with tuneable RTR chassis, then it could evolve past the Christmas tree.

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                  same what Dan wrote - a few years ago, Paul Gage has not been interested in making tires for 1/43rd cars.
                  I will not ask again.

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                  Wow, did I get lucky.
                  When I had a flash of 1/43 fever, I purchased tires from Bruno, both 1/43 and HO. Sorry to here of his passing. I also
                  found CarGo tires at BRS and bought all they had left (all for SCX cars as I recall).

                  Seems like the only people I’ve found in my area that are into 1/43 are kids that like the loops (I gave my two sets to them to expand their track). At one time Barnes and Noble, of all places, sold Go! sets. I bought my first two Go! sets at some Tuesday closeout store. For about two years Target sold SCX, sets and individual cars. Someone bought those. Probably tossed out or relegated to the closet.

                  As mentioned, someone, preferably not a cottage industry, needs to produce a nice chassis for 1/43. For a long time there were rumors of a 1/43 Slot.It but that never came to fruition. Still, one needs a ready supply of motors, axles, gears, wheels, etc. readily available without having to resort to multiple suppliers on eBay.
                  1/43 resin kits are huge in Europe. It’s really surprising that scale never made it big in slot cars.
                  All this has been hashed before....
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                Yes, Bruno(retro64) is the same than the slotcartyres.


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                  Tires are kind of crucial. I can make my own but from a bigger picture stand point this reality could cause problems.

                  It has been so long since I ran a car with Carrera rubber tires, I can’t remember what they were like. I think I have a Stock GO car somewhere. I will have to dig it out an see what kind of traction this stock rubber has. Maybe truing and a little oil treatment can make them work better.

                  Stuff like this can really hold this scale back.

                  I have a lazy question, who stocks Ortmann tires? I would like to see what sizes are available. I will make my own out of necessity, but honestly would just sooner buy some.


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                  G.P Alberta


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           got some Ortmann tires.
                    I have used few eBay sellers from Germany.
                    Check my #3 post on resource thread, I listed some tires there for flat rims.



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                      Thanks Aki

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                    Carrera Go tires offer a decent amount of grip, they are quite good. They do not like dirt or dust on the track.
                    same for stock SCX rubber.

                    btw, SCX compact is producing and selling new cars.
                    Audi S1 in rally cross styling(?) - actually looking really nice.

                    there is a link in the ressource thread to the Ortmann tire list. In that list you can find which tire number fits which car.


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                      SCX Compact has some nice Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes GT3 cars available. But no US suppliers that I know of.

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                    WB2 Peter (pfuetze) has a huge range of 1/43 3DP chassis, wheels and other useful bits in his shapeways shop. Immense Miniatures also offer some adjustable 3DP 1/43 chassis in their Shapeways shop.

                    Also, checkout the 1/43 slot Car resource thread on here and other Slotcar forums.

                    Tyres are a problem that needs dealing with, I agree.

                    Regards, Lloyd


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                      I do not see THAT big problem with tyres.
                      Over the last three decades PU has been proven as the optimum material.
                      There are not hundreds of different producers of PU rubber resin, there are only hundreds of suppliers.
                      It is not difficult to find out who produces the basic material and who distributes / sells it.
                      Everyone can buy it, very often with some friendly words even in small test packages for the first experiments.
                      It is no problem to copy existing tyres from RTR cars or make one´s own patterns.
                      And last but not least - meanwhile there has been written and shown enough at Youtube and in various forums that actually everyone ought to be able to make his own ones.
                      Of course the amount of casting material one normally has to buy is way too much for one person. But my experience is that there is always someone who shares the material and hence the costs with you.

                      I have a poured mat from PU rubber, ca. 18 x 18 " and 1" thick. From this I cut all my tyres myself. If I need narrow ones I get two or even three from one donut. If thicker, then at least two. But do we need 10+ mm wide tyres on 43rd scale race models ? Not really.
                      So I always have tyres that match my needs in every respect, don´t need to make even the smallest compromise.

                      And last but not least - I see myself as a scratchbuilder and my pride is to make as much as I can myself.

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                        Walker, i was thinking that was my best route, as luck would have it my wife is an art teacher so casting materials are easy to get in any quantity as is PU resin. Was just looking for a quick fix for the upcoming weekend.
                        thanx for all the advice as always guys! hopefully see you in the next zoom session