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2020 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally Proxy. The rally has started!

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  • 2020 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally Proxy. The rally has started!

    The 2020 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally has started!

    For the last 2 days I have been having fun playing with toy cars on my slot track!

    Oops, should read: For or the last 2 days I have been working hard at comparing the performances of 16 miniature works of art on a gruelling mountain circuit!

    Believe which one you like!

    As always on 1/43 proxies, the standard of build and preparation is high, with every car having something to offer. I will give a full description and comments about each car when I do the final write up after the timed runs are complete.

    The final timed runs will be tomorrow, as the weather forecast is not good after then.

    As it stands, 9 cars are in the running for the fastest lap, but that will be whittled down to the final 3 during the day and then I will announce the winner!

    Who will the winner be? Wait and see!

    For those who Zoom, we will be talking about the results tomorrow evening, but I will publish the results before then!

    Regards, Lloyd

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    1st place

    car number 2, FIAT 12 Sport, Claus (Germany), fastest lap 23.67 seconds.

    Joint second place

    car number 5, Subaru, Peter (Austria), fastest lap 24.51 seconds.


    car number 147, Porsche, Lloyd (UK), fastest lap 24.51 seconds.

    Full report to follow.

    Regards, Lloyd.


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      Full report to follow soon, but in the meantime:

      Steve 'Fluff' drove most of the '1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally proxy' cars yesterday and I caught some of it on video. The videos are away for editing, but here is a quick glimpse of his first test run. Best without the sound on!


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        great work, great race, Lloyd.
        as i said, sorry for not posting on slotforum, but it doesńt work there anymore ...


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          Just for info, the 2020 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally Proxy prize Picking will take place over this coming weekend.

          Regards, Lloyd