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Worldwide 1/43 slotcar Zoom meeting?

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  • Worldwide 1/43 slotcar Zoom meeting?

    Zoom/Skype 1/43 meeting, your thoughts please!

    For the last few weeks I have taken part in the excellent worldwide slotcar Zoom meetings and have really enjoyed discussing the hobby with other modellers around the world.

    My contributions about 1/43 scale slotcars ahas been well received and I have gained a lot of useful information in return.

    This got me thinking whether something similar, either in Zoom as a group, or Skype for individual chats, would give us 1/43 modellers the chance to have a natter live as it were.

    I know there is some language barriers here, but a show and tell format could overcome most of that. What do you think?

    Regards, Lloyd.

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    Lloyd - I've watched every Worldwide Slotcar Zoom meeting so far and enjoy hearing about the wide range of topic discussed. While 1:32 cars and racing are the most frequent topics, 1:24 and 1:43 scale are also discussed. So far, not much on HO racing, but I enjoy it all.


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      Why not be the first to talk about HO on the Worlwide slotcar Zoom Slothead, you would be most welcome!

      Maybe there is such a thing for HO, I wouldnt be surprised.

      Regards, Lloyd.


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        I raced HO at home decades ago when we lived in NY, but since moving to Maine almost 20 years ago I've been all 1:32. I finally had the room to build a routed track and now have 2 of them in the barn.

        But there's a lot of chatter on HRW about HO and I suspect it's a big segment of the slot car scene. Due to space constraints and the fact sets and cars are less expensive, I'm guessing HO was how many people got started in the hobby.


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          It seems that many people started in the hobby with HO sets and some mention is made on the Worldwide Slotcar Zoom meetings. But, as you say, most people seem to do 1/32 and 1/24 now, or maybe the HO guys are just keeping quiet!

          My first scenic slotcar layout, that I made for our young son 20+ years ago, was AFX HO. I think I used it more than he did!


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            Started with HO in the early 60s, then onto 1/32 at home and 1/24 on commercial tracks and now I'm all 1/43. Sold my house and am renting in an apartment complex. That's what old people are doing here now and I'm one. Happy wife = happy life. No more work shop though. Although, a large storage room works fine with a bit of planning and a sectional layout on Ninco track does the trick nicely.

            More input into this segment of the hobby would be great.



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              A new 1/43 player to chat about ......................

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