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  • truck race series

    the races:
    Roland: 26.9.2020
    Peter: 10.10.
    Ingo, HH 24.10.
    Dusan, HH 7.11.2020

    number of cars per entrant: max. 3

    race: 25 laps training, 25 laps race
    overall classification: F1-rules

    1) car must be approximately 1/43rd
    2) no fluid may leak out, no grease, oil or braid juice may pollute the track, no tire glue or similar
    3) teams may ask for a special voltage where the car should be run.
    the standard racing voltage depends on the motor. I will run all cars @ 12V, SCX and Carrera motors @15V, G9330 & [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    4) car must have a body that looks like a race car
    5) no silicone tires, rubber and PU are fine
    6) no pin guides (like carrera or artin)
    7) all tires have to touch the track

    The first host has to do the technical acceptance test.

    2 classes:
    Nastruck – everything that is smaller than Bugyra and similar, or Race-PickUps
    Racetruck – Bugyra, MAN, Renault

    entry fee: will be used for shipping costs
    splitting of shipping costs will be done equally to all entrants

    shipping costs:
    The costs for return shipment will be collected by me and send to the last host. Cars will be shipped back as soon as the return costs are paid.
    shipping costs between hosts:
    These costs will be split equally to all entrants in the end of the series. Thesse will be approximately once shipment DE-AT (approx. € 15) and once AT-DE (€ 15,–) for the big collection box. That means roughly € 5 added to the total for every entrant (by now 7).

    The respective host decides alone if a necessary repair can be conducted!
    Small repairs i.e. loose cables won't be a problem.
    Rotating guides: These must fit into the tightest of turns and can be modified by the host when required.

    swap of motor, pinion or crown gear
    If one of these parts should fail during the race, the host can change the part in coordination with the entrant if he is willing to, but he doesn't have to do it. Otherwise the car should be shipped home at the cost of the entrant. Entrant and host have to clarify the details of the shipping costs between them. If the car is not shipped home, it will stay in the collection box.

    works for a better driving of the car:
    Only small corrections, like opening of the body screws if they are tightened too much or a slight sanding of the rear tires, are okay.

    pfuetze: approx. 24 m wood track, flat latex paint, copper tape
    Roland: wood track, …
    Dusan: Carrera Go! track
    Ingo: Carrera Go! track

    hosts welcome to join the series!
    entrants welcome!

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    ROLAND :

    Wood track, 23 m, 80 mm lane width, copper tape. Surface flat acrylic color, not Latex.

    My track is a combo of oval and road course. So I will run all cars on the oval first and then on the road course, and add the times. This gives an objective impression of the straight speed as well as the track perfomance.

    Please tell me if you agree. If not, I use the roadcourse only.

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      happily agreed to use both tracks!

      start date is okay Roland?


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        Yes, date is okay.


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          Short notice - I will not host a leg of the truck race.



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            And another correction - the leg will take place on my track as originally planned.



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              new tires and wheels on the Ford, new gears for the Buggyra and a roll cage for the Artin truck.

              ready for the race :-)

              only 3 weeks to go ...


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                This is the current state of my track. Green is ready, Trees, bushes , buildings, people etc. will come - but not before the proxy.
                The track is 20 m.
                I will run the oval first and then the roadcourse.

                Click image for larger version

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                  Track looks nice Roland. I am building a new routed track and have clearance no to run Semi’s which I couldn’t do on my last track.

                  Looks like you guys are running pick up trucks too. I should try and find one of those and start participating in this truck series



                  G.P Alberta


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                    Yes Dan, we are running Nastrucks (resp. any kind of pickups in appropriate race livery) and real race trucks separately.
                    It is a pity that the participation of people from overseas trends towards zero. What might be the reason ? I assume the shipping.
                    But I also remember times when we had 43rd scale proxies overseas....😢



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                      Very little interest in 1;43. Shame as the construction of a 1/43 scale car is just as challenging and demanding as the larger scales. 1/43 is truly a builders scale though and once you move past GO! It is pretty much scratch build everything.. lots of guys just like to buy good cars and then tune them to run really fast. 143 doesn’t really give you that option.

                      I have a new wooden track and once I get it all up and running, I will start running 1/43 scale proxies again. New track is 20 m with 100mm lane spacing. Lots of room for 143 scale as I built this to run all scales including my Old Cox cars.

                      Shipping cost is a real head scratcher. Shipping to the UK is inexpensive, but in to Austria it quadruples it seems.



                      G.P Alberta


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                        ....lots of guys just like to buy good cars and then tune them to run really fast. 143 doesn’t really give you that option....
                        Well, we have SCX compact. And as long as you content yourself with inline drive you can make excellent and very competitive cars from them.
                        The crux in 43rd scale is the availability of gears. Almost none with appropriate axle bores or motor shaft holes, a very limited selection of tooth numbers.
                        And no one shows much interest in that all. I had a Chinese firm ready to make crowns, contrates and pinions after my specs from POM, I offered it in a few forums - not even one reaction. So what ?
                        Do we have new blood ? I suspect our "juniors" are all beyond the fourties.
                        What a pity. 43rd scale has such ahuge potential.



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                          Welcome to the Truck Proxy Race Series 2020!

                          All entrants arrived on the Desmo yesterday from Roland in good shape!
                          All have done some laps to prove they are running and will master the Desmo.

                          Sadly 2 trucks are too high and will get stuck under the overpass. Tilos Renault and Ingos Renault. Wonderfull trucks, but too high.


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                            impressions of the cars that sadly did not fit under the bridge ...


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                              Welcome to the races!

                              The number of cars is not that impressive, but the build quality is awesome!
                              Thanks for letting me race these great trucks!


                              Peter Buggyra
                              11V 25ohm
                              nice handling, gearing is too long, could use more ooooooooommmpphhhh More Power!

                              Claus Buggyra
                              12V 25ohm
                              nice to drive big truck!
                              great handling, stable, good brakes and good accelaration. suprising Laptimes!
                              Guide cables broke twice - no soldering on guide cables! use a screw instead!
                              optical improvements could be made, but when the truck starts moving everything is forgotten!

                              Ingo Buggyra
                              10V 25 ohm
                              could use some tire trueing! is it possible that the front tires are gripping?
                              drives smooth and easy, but gearing is too long, a little more aggressive should work on a race truck!
                              Very, very nice to look at, awesome paint job!

                              Dusan Buggyra
                              13V 25ohm
                              great lights and very, very nice paint and decals!
                              drives quite and fast.
                              sadly gearing is tool long, so it lacks accelaration and brakes.

                              Lloyd Buggyra
                              14V 25ohm
                              awesome handling truck!
                              finally some good brakes! great to drive, a little tire trueing could this make a winning package!
                              very nice to drive, can be placed exactly at the point the driver wants it to be.
                              great chassis and a very nice look on this beauty!
                              sorry i broke the plate over the motor ... :-(

                              OxoCube Truck
                              13V 25ohm
                              brakes? who need brakes? totally overrated!
                              surprisingly fast to drive, front axle needs ways less play. tends to jump out of the slot.

                              Claus VW DoKa
                              16V 45 ohm
                              heavy, but placed down low, so no handling problems.
                              but power problems. gearing is way too long or the motor way to weak. no brakes and no power.
                              handling is fine!

                              Peter Nastruck 123
                              16V 90ohm
                              tends to roll in the curves. seems to need some weight placed low badly. could have done better.
                              otherwise nice to drive. no problem in the fast corners, but the low speed turns always get the driver in surprise.
                              maybe the driver is asking himselg how take right hand corners (coming from NASCAR) ...
                              should have put a european driver behind the wheel ;-)

                              Peter Nastruck11
                              15.5V 90ohm
                              the little flat bed truck is very low compared to all other cars. touches guard rails and landscape quite often.
                              the more grip, the better to drive! loves to be driven hard and fast.

                              Dusan Nastruck
                              11V 15ohm
                              finally a real race car!
                              great to drive, very good brakes, crisp accelaration, finally a fast car from the beginning.
                              the looks are great, too, very nice to watch going roung the track!

                              Tilo VW
                              18V 90ohm
                              this car is a stunner, an absolut Beauty!
                              2 Motors in the chassis behind those big turbos!
                              Sadly the car can not put all those power down to the track, it is spinning its tires all around the track!
                              It is fun to drive, but with only one motor it could have been faster.