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    Originally posted by walker View Post
    A really nice colour scheme.
    If I weren´t in for US steamers ( esp. the big ones 4-8-8-4, 2-6-6-2 etc.) I would convert a few of my diesel locos into this scheme. But it would not look really good, a U.P. loco passing a CN or vice versa ;-))

    Dan, once more the tubing.
    Is it really snug fit 3/32 id, and if yes, where can one buy it ?

    The tubing I buy is from K&S. Yes it is a really snug fit for 3/32 axles. I buy this when I am in Edmonton as a shop I frequent there has it in stock. I think most hobby shops in Canada get their stock from this supplier. K&S is a large supplier of brass stock in NA and they supply both Metric and imperial size brass tubing i,e true 1/8 With a 3/32 i.d. K&S stock number 8127 is what I use for axle tubes.

    re locomotives. You can see UP and CN locomotives actually lashed up together in North America. Just the other day in my local railyard there was such a consist of a couple of CN Dash 8’s along with a UP dash 8. These large railroads loan each other motive power as both cross the border daily and must have some kind of agreement, because it really is not uncommon to see

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      I first did this when I was playing an Indycar racing sim. The sim allowed you to “paint” your own car . So I layed this CN scheme on my SIM indycar and really liked it. When I got back into slots it didn’t take me long to apply this scheme to a slot car.


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        You did really well !


        re locos - you whet my appetite ! I´ll try to find enough pictures to repaint a Dash 8. Brings more life on the rails and in the depot.


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          Great updates Dan. Interesting connection with the color scheme.
          Chris aka CJR RACING Denver, Colorado and Nagasaki, Japan