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an illusion with driver figures

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    "sound offended" :

    I am offended once and again by such eulogies of many firms like "scale model", "super / top quality" "collector´s quality" and whatever- and then you dash against such simple things like real exact dimensions of figures and seats.
    - If you mean that. -

    Otherwise :
    Expert - what is an expert ? I simply have been doing this hobby ( 43rd scale slotcars ) for ca. 20 years now, slotcars in general since 1969 and real professional modeling incl. mouldmaking, casting, sculpting, and above all designing of plastic scale models for two of the biggest plastic modelling firms since ca. 1990.
    I surely know my stuff, but am I an expert ?
    This is beyound my judgement.

    Having read my replies you ought to have realized that I am not new in this business.

    Kind regards,
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      'Dashed against' you??? Exactly what is that supposes to mean? I was only suggesting an option for making your own scale parts easily and inexpensively. 'YOUR' as in ....... all who read my post.

      I've been in this hobby longer than you and most everything I've learned came from others. It's called sharing!! Your response to my sharing does not encourages that activity, what these forms are all about.
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        Sorry if I don´t take part in a contest "Who does what longer ?" because the length of doing anything is no sign for whatsoever but the time span for how long one has been doing it.

        As to sharing - we don´t know each other so you do not know anything about me and how much and often I share . So please........

        Possibly we have met at any race or championship since the late sixties w/o knowing each other ?

        Well, I´m packing it in. This is not the reason why I started this topic.

        Best regards,



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          Did I write the problem is solved in #13 ?
          I´m way off the mark.

          This is the model I´m working on.
          I must start telling that the figures here are only test casts. Their job is to be "surgically" cut, posed, glued, test fitted, cut again, posed etc.etc. Not more.

          The inner part including the seat which fits exactly below the cockpit opening

          All test parts

          First attempt to place a driver
          Bear in mind that the driver has already been narrowed all along the body from the shoulders down to the feet.
          See where the left elbow lies ?

          The same drama in sideview

          And from behind.....

          And the grand finale - the comparison

          On the left an ex - Denizen figure narrowed - more was not possible because even as it is the body is not in good proportions to the head / helmet.
          On the right an original cast from a sitting Denizen driver.....( Schwarzenegger ???)

          Last but not least the sixty-four-thousand-dollar-question :


          Nevertheless I love modeling.

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            It is done !

            I managed to reshape the driver figure so that it fits in the very narrow cockpit, and it even has the steering wheel right in its hands.
            Now I will re - engrave a few details and then make a mould of it because open cars like Canam, LMP and similar spyders are my favourites and almost 20 readily built ones are waiting for a driver.
            The only thing I will still have to change is the seat whch is way too tight, as to be seen on the photos.

            Is the helmet size okay, or is it too big - compared to the cockpit opening, what do you think ?



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              i can measure my motorcycle helmet for you to give you the proper size for a helmet. but you have one of your own, right?

              the helmet looks to be a little on the big side, so.

              but otherwise, the reason tor the cushions on the side of the car body is to limit the space and movement during an impact, so it seems to be okay.

              i like it the way it is.


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                Roland - great work on the driver figures.....especially since I think you are working in 1/43 scale! Here is a pretty good photo of a driver in the Audi R10......the helmet size you have is pretty close....maybe a bit big.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_5916_R10 driver.JPG
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                  Thanks RvE,

                  seen face on and compared to my figure it looks quite okay. It is not mounted in the final position yet, it is simply pressed into the opening, hands on steering wheel, and fixed with a blob of bluetack. I think I I will use the pattern for a mould.

                  @Peter, yes, the cushions are so close that the helmet seems to look bigger than it is in reality.
                  As to my own helmet - my head is big ( lots of brain !!! - for nonsense ) , so the comparison probably would be a bit skewed ​.



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                    Hi Roland, Comparing the drivers' helmet on the 1:1 car to the headrest /rollbar shroud, yours appears to be spot on

                    I generally find that most helmets on the majority of slot car models to be too small,..........yours is good !!

                    Chris Walker


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                      This is heart balm !
                      So all the fiddling was not for the birds.
                      Cutting arms and /or legs from an existing and fitting figure and change position and pose is much easier than first making an appropriate figure.

                      Thank you all !



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                        Nice work Roland. “Scale” drivers seem to be all over the place on size , with the heads the biggest variance. As other have stated your attempts seem spot on..


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                          Well, this is really nice to read.

                          But it was ( and Im´m afraid will continue to be...) a lot of work to get an appropriate result at last.

                          I am copying and building a lot of resin kits by PM, starter, BBR etc. My approach is to complete the cars first and care for the drivers at the very end only.
                          So there are a lot of finished models in the shelf waiting for drivers...

                          And I´m afraid there will apppear similar differences regarding figure size and cockpit space...Once bitten, twice shy

                          Maybe I have shown these alredy - then two are better than one



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                            ohhhhh, that is some real eye candy. Paint and decal work is outstanding. Are these runners?. Best looking 1/43 scale slot cars I have ever seen if they are.

                            Well done Roland.


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                              Oh sorry, I forgot...
                              Of course they have all been built for becoming slot cars.

                              As I wrote in my last post -

                              I buy the kits, copy all parts that are needed for a slotcar and resell the original kits.
                              They are simply too expensive to convert them into slot cars.
                              And since most of them aren´t produced anymore there are enough collectors who are very happy when they find such rare birds somewhere for sale.
                              So two different modelers can realize their hobby with these kits - me and the collectors.
                              It would be a shame if I used the original kits because I do not use all these fine details for a slotcar. These parts would lie around and somewhen be thrown away.

                              Actually I am preparing the Audi R10. My second "problem" is the hollowing / carving of the bodyshells. Since I come from the competiton slotcar scene ( wing cars etc ) I am used to lightweight bodies. And now these resin clumps that weigh around 40 gms or even more.
                              The Audi is carved out to 19 gms meanwhile. Still too heavy ???
                              Or should I simply change my basic attitude ?- I am not building competition race models anymore but models for fun. We don´t have races in 43rd scale. And if all these shells have a similar weight, well, then the equal opportunities and comparability are more or less guaranteed.
                              I think I am ruminating too much...

                              Last week I had another idea.

                              I intend to make the outer mould, buy a resin with a very short pot life, slosh cast the first copy, thin it out very carefully and evenly and only then I will make the inner core mould.
                              So I safe a lot of work and resin and get bodies much thinner.
                              The only problem will be that I need the exact inner shape if it is a closed car where a window has to be installed. The window frame area at the inside is difficult to be hand shaped but should be copied from the original pattern instead.
                              So what is Corona compared to such ( my ) earth - shattering difficulties ?


                              n.b: The models shown have been built during the last ten years. I am very slow, because my attitude is "The journey is the reward".
                              The decals are mostly scanned from the kit ones and printed at home, some more difficult ones ( primarily white ) I had made by a firm.
                              Meanwhile I can print white myself. I had to decide whether buying a 3D resin printer or a laser printer incl. an extra white cartridge. As a "moulder" I preferred the laser printer.
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