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1976 Martini Porsche 934

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  • 1976 Martini Porsche 934

    Another Porsche. This is a resin shell popped from a diecast.

    Brass and Lego Chassis with the Mineabea mounted as a sidewinder in true Porsche fashion behind the rear wheels. This opened up a good space for a full interior

    Looks OK from 6 feet away but I hand painted the stripes on the rear fenders and it was hard to get a good quality line with free handing it.

    Harvested images and laser printed the decals for this.

    Click image for larger version

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    You could use Tamiyas' new(ish) flexible "wavy line" masking tape...comes in 2/3/5 mm great even if you are brush painting.


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      and another nice looking car, Dan!

      you building them at an astonishing rate! I canĀ“t even see my workbench as i have to built a room for the teenage son ...


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        Looks great! How does it handle? What did you use for tires and wheels? They look like a foam rubber tire..


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          Wheels are aluminium turned rims. Tires are home cast urethanes,. Car handles well, and is predictable with the tail sliding out.