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Ferrari 275 P Reworked.

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  • Ferrari 275 P Reworked.

    Continuing to spend this time upgrading my fleet of cars I continue on with my 143 scale roster.

    This Ferrari 275 P was a resin pop of a diecast that I had molded and built years ago with my gift card chassis idea..

    This car gets a chassis upgrade to the Brass and Lego Block with a Barc N30 motor in an anglewinder configuration. I had bought Wire wheels for this car ages ago, so now was the time to add them. These were not slot car wheels so I had to modify them for use. I ended up using a small crown gear with a 2 MM opening and these fit perfectly snug in the static wire wheel rims, and made the task a snap. In addition I removed the cast in Headlights and tail lights and added in more detailed ones.

    As most of my cars are getting BARC square cans for motors they all have similar running characteristics making them all evenly matched on the track. The brass chassis is tough as nails and will stand up to almost anything.

    Car already had an interior so I just went with what was there.

    These little 143 scale cars are a real pleasure to race in a no magnet environment.



    Click image for larger version

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    G.P Alberta

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    Dan, the Ferrari looks great!
    I like the look of the changed lights and of course the wire wheels!

    you got a picture of the chassis, please? I like the fact of even cars on the track. The BARC-1 motor (square, 20x10x10mm) - is a really nice motor, how does the N30 compare?


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      The new Minebea N30 I am using has an RPM of 25K but has the same braking as the Square can. Provides a faster top end, but really loses nothing in driveability. This car has the square can as I had used up all my hotter motors, I just called it an N30

      G.P Alberta


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        I found a Minebea N30 with 23500 rpm ar 12v.
        How much volts does yours take ?



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          I haven"t checked these myself yet , but the supplier specs had them at 20K at 8 volts so I am guessing 25K at 10 volts.? 2.5 K /volt? I ordered more and when they get in I will check the part number stamped on them.

          G.P Alberta