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Diecast 356 Speedster.

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  • Diecast 356 Speedster.

    I have had this little diecast sitting in the parking lot on my track as a scenic prop. Last night while waiting for paint to dry on my other project, I decided to have a close look at this Speedster. I drill out two rivets and separated the plastic chassis for the die cast shell. The thing that intrigued me about this was how light it was for a diecast model, and thought it might make a good slot car. Turns out nothing could have been easier as their was room for a mini Minebea(half the size of the regular BARC motor, configured as a sidewinder, I little modification to the plastic interior piece to make room for a sidewinder gear was all it took. I used the wheels from the model and found some rubber for the rear wheels. The hole in the chassis for the front rivet was used for a guide post. I sleeved in the appropriate sized plastic tubing to act as the guide post. Next I added a brass plate to lower the COG and make it a decent runner.

    I got this done quicker then it took for the paint to dry on my other project, and ended up with a nice looking slot car.

    Click image for larger version

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    G.P Alberta

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    Cool project, thanks for showing it



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      very nice conversion, Dan!

      what gearing are you using on that motor?

      The nice cabrio needs a driver figure - maybe a lady with a scarf flying in the wind?


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        As you wished Peter. Gearing is about 8:20

        Click image for larger version

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        G.P Alberta