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  • wheel inserts

    here´s a list of all the wheel inserts i´ve already done.

    i can scale them to fit (nearly) any wheel

    one strip with 10 pieces is quite expensive, due to the shapeways pricing policy, but if you combine different types, the price gets good. just send me a message.

    the inserts can be painted directly without any messing around. i use Revell enamel color and a brush for painting, Tilo uses his spray gun.

    there are pictures of the really printed ones, but i need to search for them.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	wicat01.jpg Views:	18 Size:	38.0 KB ID:	27362
    Click image for larger version  Name:	wicat02~0.jpg Views:	2 Size:	18.9 KB ID:	27488


    Click image for larger version  Name:	wicat11.jpg Views:	46 Size:	77.3 KB ID:	67897
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        Thanks for all these!

        Yeah, few of those needs a little bit new paint and cleaning, I know


        • pfuetze
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          thanks for these great pictures, Aki!

        • Kevan
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          Love the Karmann Ghia

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        Click image for larger version

Name:	wicat01.jpg
Views:	642
Size:	38.0 KB
ID:	27360


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          more new inserts ...


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            Opel Kadett inserts, little lighter grey or silver might look better.


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                thanks for the picture, Aki!
                the BBS look quite good, ey?
                I really like the look of the steel fergat inserts!
                the wire wheels are not bad, either! they need some molotov liquid chrome paint on them!


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                  Added some paint....

                  BBS inserts are outstanding

                  Fergat wheels are really nice, painting the black parts was easy but the wheel nuts....
                  Tried finest smallest silver marker pen but that didn't work among with few other methods
                  but then I sharpened a match and dip that in silver paint and got at least decent result.


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                    Cut off the tip of a toothpick and you get a stamp with exactly the diameter you need to apply your tiny dots.



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                      and yet more inserts ....


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                            Do you print these or are they only available from Shapeways? Are for 15 or 17 wheels?


                            • pfuetze
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                              the inserts are for any size of wheel.
                              by now, i only sold them for 1/43rd car via shapeways.
                              I can resize any insert to fit 15 or 17" wheels, i just need the inside diameter of the wheel to be fitted.
                              There is a guy in Germany who prints these inserts for me privately for a more resonable price than shapeways with the same quality, too. I think it should be possible to send them by letter (air bubble) to the states, too.