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ProNoMag 2020 - Concours de Elegance

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  • ProNoMag 2020 - Concours de Elegance

    Concours de Elegance

    There are so many cars this years that the decision is really, really hard.
    all of that nice cars would be more than worty to win the Concours.
    But life is hard so i had to narrow it down ...
    That are still some cars i want to spend some words on:

    The Capris - not my favourite cars, but really nicely made and with lights they make awesome slotcars.

    The GT40 - this car may not be made as 100% perfect as the others, but it has one thing: aura
    if it stands on the track, it is leaking the spirit of the time that the original was made. if you´ve seen the movie "Ford vs.Ferrari" - one could think that a 1/43rd Ken Miles will step out in the next moment!
    The car transfers spirit and aura like no other and looks great.

    Matra and McLaren - perfectly made cars!

    But in the end, the details of the motor made the Toyota 7 the winner of Concours de Elegance. It´s awesome! And if you take it in your hands, you will hear the two turbo whinning up!

    enjoy the pics ...

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    All of them look awesome. Well done to all.
    Chris aka CJR RACING Denver, Colorado and Nagasaki, Japan


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      Congrats. That Toyota group 7 car was a good choice as was the P68. My Gt40 was built some time ago and has a lot of track time on it. Happy that it placed with this group of cars.



      G.P Alberta