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    A 'Go' make over .............................

    Anyone know the magic potion I used for removing paint/decals on plastic models?

    I bought these for another project because of the tires and wheel base. But, thought I'd spruce up a few with new paint, decals, wind screen and driver. Oh, and get rid of that silly smile.

    The other two are going to take on a new life as dwarf modified roundy round racers.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0027.JPG Views:	1 Size:	3.35 MB ID:	54597Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0029.JPG Views:	1 Size:	3.50 MB ID:	54598Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0033.JPG Views:	1 Size:	3.53 MB ID:	54599
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      Like this ................. Click image for larger version

Name:	77_orig.jpg
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        Originally posted by GoldGuy View Post
        Anyone know the magic potion I used for removing paint/decals on plastic models?
        i m using Isopropanol for this task


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          What I use is brake fluid. Got the idea from a magazine article.


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            Made two plastic chassis for AGM Volvo bodies

            Brass chassis for 57' Corvette

            Printed chassis for Lancia 037


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              nice chassis work Aki!

              the 037 looks great!


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                cars back from the Little Monte Proxy along with some very nice prices! Thanks again Lloyd for a great race!
                It has been awesome! And thanks for the pictures!

                nice Renault truck from Tilo - sadly it will not fit under the bridge of the Desmo and i will have to sell it again.

                clear PLA filament to feed the 3D printer - some scenery items need printing or will it turn into ProNoMag trophies?

                A very nice VW Beetle modified and a Chevy Nomad - a car i have been waiting for years! Time to complete the muscle car collection! I love the Nomad! It will for sure get a "more power binford" treatment!

                works have started for the 2nd ProNoMag car. The lightweight Exige. Box motor, inline, scratchbuilt chassis. It will be a compleate scratchbuilt car in the end.
                First car for the ProNoMag is the BARC powered MCA Centenaire. It already runs quite and smooth. Maybe it will get an inlay for the race.


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                  Very cool stuff Peter, very cool.

                  Is that Beetle copy of the printed one?

                  I started working with a real muscle car too, rally Camaro from 1976 movie Gumball Rally.

                  Body is from Tilo, added hood scoop and filled the front bumper holes because this doesn't got one.

                  Chassis frame is ready for final assembling

                  Oh, and trying to figure out what to do with that Suzuki SX4 body which is shown in the background, so far no ideas.


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                    nice work on the Camaro, Aki!

                    The Beetle is a resin body from Tilo.
                    nothing to do with the printed one that is gathering dust on the workbench. but the work of sanding very small surfaces is not very appealing to me.


                    • Nice stuff guys. All my time has been spent on the new track, so I haven’t built a car in the last couple of months. New overpass has clearance for a truck

                      Good thing I built my Pro No Mag cars earlier this year as the race is almost upon us

                      I am looking forward to the cars I am receiving from Lloyd. Once they arrive, maybe it will kick start some car building




                      • Cheers guys, Dan your new track looks great

                        Ok, Peter.
                        I just thought you were planning to send the printed Beetle to Tilo for casting to avoid sanding.
                        Didn't remember how that looks but just that it is a another wide body Beetle.

                        Don't worry, my printed Skoda body is also gathering dust and that is a lot easier job than the Beetle.


                        • the works have started ...


                          • chassis is ready for assembly!

                            cutted 2 grooves in the crown gear with diamond coated file
                            cutted groove in axle with cutter disc in dremel
                            used wire from network cable as an feather key in the grooves
                            glued with CA glue in the correct position left to right.
                            should work for some time! :-)


                            • Click image for larger version

Name:	283ED531-FB10-4BCB-85ED-27FB796693C0.jpg
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                              brake disc inserts made out of bare metal foil on 0.25 polystyrene sheet, cutted with hole cutter.

                              painted inserts in white with Revell áqua color.


                              • new Porsche arrived yesterday. Body and parts will be used for the Go!beginners proxy in Germany sometime next year.
                                poor chassis will be ripped out without having one lap on the track ...