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    if there were not already enough things on the workbench ...

    the Mini will get a new chassis for the Little Monte Proxy - brass - to gain some weight. I´m curious if this will improve the driving on the flat Desmo as well.

    For painting a body that already has lights installed and the interior tray mounted - how to hold that thing? I made a mounting plate out of sheet styrene - makes it easy to put the body on a stick.

    In the Mini Sprint the constant light circuit is mounted. Drilled a hole in a piece of sheet styrene in the diameter of the goldcap and glued the styrene in the body. This stops the circuit from moving around and having bad influence on the handling of the car. I think next time, i´ll fix the circuit in the chassis and have a 3-pole connector to the body for the lights.


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      i have some nice aluminium rims from Ranch-Design for a Mini. But as the CA-glue doesn´t stick to well to the metal, i roughened the surface and cleaned it to remove any residue to get the glue to stick.

      doing a new chassis ment that checking for parts. when i did this i found out that i´ve been using the wrong motor holders. As the development of the Mini chassis took time and many revisions, i got 2 different motor holders. one is flat and the newer one is offset by 0.5mm. using the wrong one means that the motor is angled and not flat. So last years chassis for the Little Monte Proxy was using the wrong ones, too! that gives hope for this years metall chassis!


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        printed steel chassis for the Monte-Mini is ready. gained 13g of low positioned weight. got new wheels, tires and inserts. Running nice and good to controll.

        the very nice Mini from Tilo is the only that could be used for new tires - currently under confidentiality for the source ...
        searching for tires for the Monte Mini, i searched the tire box and found 5 different tire brands, with 2 different versions of CarGo tires - one flat side wall and one with rounded side wall. looks like i already did some testing for Mini tires, ey?
        the new tires work well, but the Desmo Service Car has a strong tendency to roll. Needs some low weight added to really test the tires for grip.

        the next search looks like the search for the perfect chassis and perfect motor for a MCA Centenaire. Started life as a proxy car for Racecarkid from HRW. had a G9330 motor mounted in an artin chassis with loads of neodym magnets added. the magnets came out and a box motor came in the same chassis. next step - printed chassis from Shapeways for box-motor. Motorpod-chassis with Carrera motor - already handling quite nice and from the loudest car on the planet - the sound of the G9330 eating gears at 38000rpm to a smooth car.
        And now going for a sidewinder chassis with BARC motor. ball bearings with ABEC5 specification. really smooth. waiting for a 20t spur gear. maybe i will run it with 12/24 gearing in the ProNoMag. Test fitting the body maybe this evening. had a good idea how to mount the side-pin-mounted body on a new chassis lately. with good measuring and a printed chassis - this turned out to be easy on paper. the evening will show if the paper works in real life LOL.

        have fun!


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          let´s say the engineering practice with measuring did not work that well, ey? to be seen on the first pic....

          hours later it had been worked with the usual trial, error and cursing. but it looked good on the track.

          thanks to Aki, i had some 20tooth spurgear i immediately had to try out with the MCA. My gears are ordered but will arrive in a month or so. So - in go the gears and the car on the track ...

          ADVISE of the day: Never crash a parked car on your main straight with nearly full speed ....
          The MCA flew off the track and down 20 levels of a high rise building to get stuck under a hydraulic jack. The jack was not insured. the chassis of the MCA ....
          back to glueing in some body holding pins, hours later, .....
          will i have to change the axles? can they bend after this tall crash?


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            just because life is ain´t easy if your mind has time to wander around ...

            changing the big washer to an adequate spacer.
            because the washer causes friction on the side of the ball bearing.
            and the spacer between wheel and bearing just sets the distance between the wheel and the bearing right, without effecting the work of the bearing itself, ensuring that the bearing will take the load and not the side of the chassis (controlling the friction).
            yes, details, but hey - who knows ...


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              Click image for larger version

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              some work on the Doppelgaenger Chassis for two Go!Motors ...
              realised that the rear and front end are far to wide to fit under a 1/43rd car, so narrowed it down a little and changed the gears to the inside. will have seperate rear axles.


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                This is cool ! Even it doesn't prove to be superfast, it's just cool..
                By the way, aside from the post above the rest of the pictures on this page seem to have become invisible to me. I could see them yesterday, and I can still the pics on page 3.


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                  Doppelgaenger looks interesting Peter, looking forward to see how it runs.

                  I had the same problem than Randy last weekend.
                  First few pictures from Peter's posts disappeared then more and then all.

                  Same thing on a UK slotforum but on a GO! forum all the pictures were visible.

                  Then all the sudden pictures came back first with only with PC and then next day with mobile.

                  Now I can see everything and I really don't know what was wrong for few days.

                  edit: I also received security alert at least once from this site during the problem.
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                    it seems that there has been an outdated security certificate for the HRW server where my pictures are hosted. Had the same security alert. But here, all pictures showed.

                    however, as there has been a request, or a question, for the BARC challenge - if it is possible to get a Inline chassis, as the sidewinder chassis requires a really wide car, i sat in front of the computer a little yesterday evening ...

                    so, for the BARC challenge, you can choose between an InlinerBARC and the SidewinderBARC:


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                      Good work on the Chassis. I will pm you on this, but I a thinking I would like more than one when you return the cars.




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                        Adding lights to the track


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                          finished the camera chassis in time for the ProNoMag, maybe there will be video of the driving cars ...

                          the work for the hybrid chassis with the brass plate and the big FF050 has been a total waste of time. the geometry of the MCA simply doesn´t work.
                          and i prefer cheap china gears for our little cars way over the scaleauto gears i once again tried to use.

                          the Doppelgaenger Chassis is making nice progress. cables got soldered on the wrong way, so the car is travelling in the wrong direction, but apart from that - it is running really, really nice. I´m looking forward to race it.
                          had to shape off 0.8mm off the back of the crown gear to get enough space in the crammed rear.
                          But it runs. And it grips ...
                          i want to race it ...


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                            Parts arrived! First off, thank you Peter and Lloyd for directing me to sources for gears and a few other items. I placed my order for 15 different size gears, axle material and flanged ball bearings yesterday morning. Order was placed with Amazon. Entire order was at my door step this morning! WOW! Very little excuse now to not get building something!