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    The Kaefer is ready for the Little Monte proxy.
    4x4 with box motor
    brass plate chassis
    resin body
    home made decals
    missing mirrors, but they will come ....
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    The Mini Sprint is ready for the ProNoMag!

    Started life as an Carrera Go!Mini body, got the roof chopped, wheel wells cut up, wheel arches widened, wing widened, new mold for vac-forming the clear windows.
    chassis is scratchbuild styrene, printed guide, printed wheels.
    constant light circuit V3 from MiniSlot, SMD LEDs front and rear.
    blue is tamya spray paint, white stripes and clear coat from Revell Aqua color. home made laser printer decals.
    not all went well, some areas could have needed more attention, but when the Mini is moving, all is good.


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      Really nice work with both cars


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        That bug is too cool, nice job.


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          Finally got the mirrors for the Mini.
          now it´s finished.
          only to fix the blinking left front light, some kind of cold solder maybe ...


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            I always enjoy your cars and chassis.


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              Corvette is finished! will run in the ProNoMag 2021 for sure.

              so is the Exige - vac-formed body on scratchbuilt chassis

              and 2 new SCX compact cars with astonishing great chassis - the rear axle has brass bearings, nearly no play, they run on the Desmo very well just ootb!


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                Very nice cars, are the new SCX tires almost like PU tires? Remember reading comment like that in GO!!! forum from Uwe I think


                • pfuetze
                  pfuetze commented
                  Editing a comment
                  thanks, Aki. as i did not even sand them, i can not say if they are as good as PU. I do not think so, but they are better than they have been before for sure. I will report when i do a little tuning. the front axle slop is still ... well .... bad. 1.5mm side to side play like it has been before. but the rear axle is really good. front can be solved easily.