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3D files for the camera chassis ....

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  • 3D files for the camera chassis ....

    CamChassis43 files are online on thingiverse, if anyone is interested in building one of those ...



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    Thanks for sharing your work!
    Come Race at The Trace!
    Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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      Built a very similar camera car for HO scale. The front end was all brass. The back end used a modified BSRT G3 chassis. The six wheeler sported a mini spy camera and worked well. It will be rebuilt with a new camera when my new track comes on line.


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        did a version for the 808#16 camera, as i have 2 of those ...

        the V2 files should work for a track with loopings, too! -just as this is 1/43rd ! :-D


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          added a version for the SQ23 camera - scuderia turini ...

          just because i´m sitting on the sofa after crashing my mountainbike ...


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            So the bike is wrecked, not you hopefully?

            Take care


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              bike´s not really wrecked, only some adjustments needed. maybe the front brake disc is bent a little.
              i will have something to think about for the next 2 weeks, but nothing major. hit the left shoulder and the left upper leg really hard. the upper ribs a little. so, more time in front of the laptop and the workbench than on the bike for the next time.
              it has to happen from time to time :-)
              what´s the motto of mini drivers? drive hard or stay home :-)
              it will cure and it´s part of mountainbiking. happened before and will happen again.. ordered a full-face-helmet now instead of the standard bike helmet. and a protector jacket, which i´ve been thnking about wearing for years now....

              all new files for the CamChassis are available on thngiverse now.