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  • well .... [1/43]

    it´s way too silent in here!
    what are you all doing?

    i´m working on the camera chassis right now, to get some good videos of the tracks and cars that will come in february for the ProNoMag hopefully ...

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    I recently picked up some Kyosho D-Slot cars (a Mazda, two 962s, and a 917). I’d like to replace the chassis with Shapeways chsssis (wink, wink).
    Which one would you recommend: Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3?
    Where can I find urethane tires for these cars?


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      personally i like the type 3 chassis for those cars - the one with the motor pod.
      urethane tires became a problem lately, with CarGo going out of production, ranch-design being long gone, but maybe there are some Ortmann tires that will fit the Kyosho wheels directly. Maybe Retro64 has some tires, but i do not know for sure, sorry.


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        Just signed up new forum, slowly getting back with slot cars.
        Got few unfinished projects from last spring that needs to be finished and started rebuilding a Motorific T-Bird.
        Still spending a lot of time on a disc golf courses but I think I will get something done for the ProNoMag.

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          Hi Aki, good to hear from you!
          disc golf? playing frisbee? ;-) just kidding
          i see a disc golf course everytime i ride my mtb to the next city, there is course there. looks nice. i still prefer going slowly uphill and very fast downhill ;-) till my next crash ...


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            I found a dusty box full of 1/43 of
            Onyx and Brumm diecast I bought nearly 3 decades ago a few of which I
            plan to convert to 2.4Ghz wireless proportional speed control slot cars, perhaps using your chassis Peter?

            Any suggestions for the F1 cars...using tiny coreless drone or steering servo motors?

            1/43 cars look just right on my vintage Artin 1/32 track.


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              I also have around 30 of these Quartzo NASCARS.