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BARC Entries for the 2020 Pronomag

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  • Barc 1
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    It is a 1/43 scale proxy race held in Austria. Non magnetic 1/43 scale cars are raced on a wooden track owned by Peter Pfuetze.

    Peter is an avid 1/43 scale builder and designer. He has proven that 1/43 scale cars can be made to drive just like larger scales. The ProNoMag is an annual race held every February. 1/43 has a larger following in Europe than America and hasn’t gained much traction outside of Carrera GO!

    The ProNoMag is a showcase of scratchbuild and race tuned 1/43 scale cars that drive and drift just like their larger cousins.

    Peter has many 1/43 scale parts available through shapeways

  • Brumos RSR
    Nice cars Dan! What's the Pro no mag?

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  • taskak
    Love that GT40 Dan, nice work.

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    Great looking cars Dan.

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  • pfuetze
    very cool cars, Dan!

    i especially like the GT40! great paint scheme! Looking forward to drive all those beauties!

    thanks for entering!

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  • Barc 1
    started a topic BARC Entries for the 2020 Pronomag

    BARC Entries for the 2020 Pronomag

    I prepped 3 cars for the 2020 ProNoMag proxy.

    Two different types of motors and 3 different gear ratios in the hopes that one of them hits the sweet spot on this track. All cars are on a scratchbuilt chassis. The GT40 is a resin cast shell, The Mazda 787 is a Kyosho shell, and the Nissian is a Bandai shell.

    Click image for larger version

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