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diecast proxy race [1/43]

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  • diecast proxy race [1/43]

    Cameron´s Dodge Challenger and the Clio started to do some laps on the Desmo

    warming up for the Diecast Proxy 2021

    i thought that i have posted the rules and the schedule for the race series before in this forum, but i can not find the thread, sadly.

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    When is this race. I have a few diecast 1/43 slotcars all ready to go. Not sure what the build spec was supposed to be though, so I am unsure if what I built would conform.

    G.P Alberta


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      26.10.2021 @ The Desmo

      to make this race a race series is already in discussion, some guys offered their track to host a leg of the race series. Roland, DDuesentrieb, Boro

      • diecast body, roof made out of metal
      • cockpit inlay, clear windows - can be done, but not necessary, black windows okay.
      • scale apperance - so close to scale as 1/43rd slotcars normally are ...
      • Carrera Go! Motor (or SCX compact) (no "tuning" motors!)
      • width of rear tires: max. 6mm (contact surface to track), rounded edges will not be included in the measurement
      • minimum weight of the whole car: 70g
      • no cabriolets, no open wheel cars, no cars without a roof
      • no formula cars
      • ONE car per entrant
      • no fluid may leak out, no grease, oil or braid juice may pollute the track, no tire glue or similar
      • teams may ask for a special voltage where the car should be run.
      • car must have a body that looks like a car, race look prefered, but not necessary
      • no silicone tires, rubber and PU are fine
      • no pin guides (like carrera or artin), rotating guide is minimum requirement
      • all tires have to touch the track
      • cars must run 20 qualitfication laps on lane 1 prior to the race. Cars must get a fastest lap in this heat under 12 seconds to qualify for the race.
      • transport box: the box that contains the car while arriving at the Desmo will be used for return shipping! please use a box that is big enough and sturdy enough!

      the track: app. 24m. 3 lane wood track, latex paint, copper tape for the rails - magnets have no effect
      the race: race will be run in lane 1, 25 laps practice, 25 laps race, the slowest 5 times will be deleted
      the power supply: each lane has a seperate adjustable powersupply, 1.25 to 19V @ 3 Amp available
      the timing: IR light bridge and laptimer 2000
      the controllers: available controllers: 90/75/60 ohm parma eco, 45/35/25 Parma eco, 25/18/13 parma eco, 15/11/8 parma eco

      entry fee: entrants will pay the cost for return shipping, car will not be returned before entry fee arrived.
      in the case this will get a race series: costs for shipping between races will be spread evenly between all entrants.

      anyone interested?

      it became a series of 5 races, 2 in Austria, 3 in Germany.
      If any known entrant with a LONG journey to the Desmo is known, the car will race!
      Dan, you would be more than welcome to join the fun!

      pfuetze - 26.10.2021 (Holz, Slot 3x6mm)
      WollVieh - 14.11.2021 Go Schienen
      ElCheffe, 5.12.2021 Go Schienen
      Arkay 4.1.2022 (Holz, Slot 3x6mm )
      DDuesentrieb. 30.1.2022 Evo-Schienen

      entrants have to pay the cost for return-shipping and their part of the shipping between the locations. will be calculated after the race, due to the fact that i know more or less all candidates.


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        I am printing a chassis and will get the car together tomorrow, A Ferrari 458. I will get it mailed mid week but I have my doubts it will get there by the 26 th, so I might have to miss the first race.



        G.P Alberta


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          should the 458 really miss the race, no problem.
          i will take the photos and write the report anyway.
          also take the lap times.
          no points for the all over standings, but you will know how it would have done in the race .

          great news thar you will enter a car, Dan!


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            cars from Dusan and Marius arrived today @ the Desmo

            #racepreparations :-)


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              and from Germany - a Bughatti


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                Claus, Uwe and Jan´s car joined the field today!


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                  Really nice looking cars i won’t be making this dance. My Ferrari was an epic fail. Chassis ran well but when I added the diecast body it was a dog. Not sure how you guys are getting these to run with a GO! Motor. The motor I was using just hasn’t got enough torque to move this car around. I guess that is part of the challenge though.

                  G.P Alberta


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                    Hi Dan,
                    sorry to hear about the fail!

                    yep, the weight is part of the challenge!
                    that´s why ím using the standard go! gears, as they give a really short gearing when used without magnets!
                    with a lightweight body, a 8/20 gearing is good for the go!motor (no mag) - but with all that weight - the 8/32 is perfect!


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                      Clio got a constant light kit and a Binford Sticker on the back - NOW we are ready!

                      field lining up behind the Desmo Safety Car ...


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                        a WIDE Honda joined the crew for the race!


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                          Click image for larger version

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                            live stream from the race will start after the MotoGP race!

                            saved clip from training session available on twitch.


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