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Vintage 1/24 Jo-Han Rebel Machine

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  • Vintage 1/24 Jo-Han Rebel Machine

    Well, 1/25 not strictly 1/24 . . .

    My attention got turned by some of the great vintage Jo-Han slot builds – particularly the AMC stuff like the '65 Marlin build, and the '70 Javelin build, that were posted up to the board.

    I dug up an old static build, built like 30 years ago - I thought I remembered I had that model!

    It had been sitting out and collecting the dust at some point in its life, and there were some stains and yellowing here and there.

    So I cleaned it up with some soapy water and I used some Meguiars cleaner wax off of the 1:1 garage shelf, and it actually cleaned up pretty well.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	390_Rebel3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	277.1 KB ID:	70655

    Looking it over, I realized it was missing some decals. It needed "THE MACHINE" decals on the fenders and trunk. So I drew those up. Then I decided it needed some plates. So I made those up also.

    390 FOUR-SPEED –

    Click image for larger version  Name:	390_Rebel2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	429.5 KB ID:	70656

    Now this model car replicated a car I had back in my teens - an actual 390 4-speed Rebel Machine. These were "Hurst" cars, with maybe 1500 built total. Stock 390 Rebels were shipped to Hurst where they added the unique ram air hood with hood mounted tach, the stripes, Red/White/Blue interior bits, reflective body stripes, "THE MACHINE" decals, and of course the iconic HURST 4-speed shifter ( for the handful, like mine, that were equipped with factory four-speeds; most were autos).

    Then I thought - I have the plates on - so in order to put this on the road proper, I will need a NY registration and NY inspection sticker from the era when I drove mine.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	390_Rebel1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	475.8 KB ID:	70657

    Fresh stickers and ready for the road!

    I would like to put a chassis under it and make it run the slots, but I can't easily replace the vintage model, so I will curb the impulse a little while longer.

    I wish this Johan stuff was re-popped or some affordable resin casts where out there. Jo-Han offered many unique cars and it would be great to have them to build and run.

    Anyway, it is a little off-topic, but I just wanted to share the window stickers. They look pretty cool on the windshield - this is a well that I may choose to visit again.
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    That is a beauty. Lucky you owning one. nice job on those little details !I still build static kits of all scales
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      These were so un loved back in the day. The 390 just couldn't compete with everything else. At least the Rambler Scrambler had a chance with it's lightweight. Hats off the AMC for at least trying.
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        Nice car. It’s just begging for a chassis to put under it. Its just plastic & doesn’t matter how rare it is. Whatever gives you most enjoyment. I build a lot of Johan & old MPC kits into slotcars. They are fun to build. I try to build them so you don’t realise they are slotcars until you turn them upside down. I always try to utilise the original full interior without modify the back seat. Because of this the interior is probably the hardest part of the build. Biggest problem you will have, once you convert 1 you will get hooked!

        I actually just finished an old Johan build this week. Johan 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. I’m hoping to share it on the forum later today. So checkout the forum later😀

        Also there are a lot of resin repops of old vintage kits. Google it. Unfortunately some resin kits go for more than the price of the original kits. As a start check out Steve Kohler’s Star Models, Ronnie at smhracing, Ron at RMR resin, motorcityresincasters. There are various other small resin producers if you look around. Modelhaus was the best but they closed up a while ago. Modelhaus kits are highly sought after for good reason. There’s not to many people casting AMC stuff but you come accross the odd one.


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          Great job restoring that old model. It's fine like it is, just set it on the shelf and feel good when you look at it.
          Matt B
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            That's a beauty, but if you're going to cringe if it gets damaged or marred with scratches, leave it as a static on the shelf.

            I'm thrilled to have my Jo-han Javelin Trans Am completed.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-8522.jpg
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ID:	70758

            I never mentioned in my build thread how long it sat unfinished and in storage. Would you believe it was almost 50 years?

            So you can imagine how happy I feel even more so because it moves and runs. That's why I like slot cars.

            My two cents.



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              Very nicely done! Yeah, hold off on the slot car conversion, much as the temptation might be. Too nice a model, go get a plastic showcase from Hobby Lobby and proudly display it on the shelf where it deserves to be. Happy Holidays, hope to see you at a Long Island slot car race or model/slot car show in 2021. Stay safe, healthy, and... ENJOY! -- Ernie


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                dge467: Thanks, at the time muscle cars were just ten-year-old *old cars* and worth very little in a post-gas-crisis world.

                dw5555: The AMCs were always a little oddball - outside of the Big Three. I also had a two-seat 1970 AMX with the 390 and it compared well in performance to its contemporaries. The AMC V8 was really a small block with different displacements: 290, 343, 360, 390 and finally 401. It wasn't all bad. I mean the little AMC motor beat the Boss 302 Mustang and the 302 Z28 Camaro in Trans Am - So there is that . . .

                mopargreg: I have so many other builds and things to make and things that turn my attention, that I will just put the Rebel conversion on hold. Your info on 'Fireball Modelworks' was really helpful as I am building a slot conversion of a 1967 Galaxie 500XL ( 390-4sp), and I will be looking toward your recent 440-6 Mopar build for inspiration.

                mattb: Thanks, yes it is fine for now to enjoy - many other cars to build.

                Yes that Javelin really hit the spot - I have the '68 JoHan two-seat AMX as a built up and it would be great to put a '70 Javelin nose on it (resin or a glue bomb somewhere?) to recreate the '70 AMX I used to have. They did make it in scale but it was oddly like 1/20th . . .

                BIG E: Yeah, I figure if another one comes my way I can cut that up - but right now I have too many other builds lined up. In one of the pics it is sitting on a display case base - I have it in a clear display case now.
                I do look forward to some racing and some shows - we did none of that in 2020. Happy New Year to you as as well!