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Bentley Continental GT3 conversion

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  • Bentley Continental GT3 conversion

    Click image for larger version  Name:	B265499C-CAA1-4BBD-B435-356563F26BC3.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.76 MB ID:	63440 Snagged this 1/24 Braha friction car off the web for 14.99 w/ free shipping. Will fit right in with my Carrera Porsche and DBR9.
    Shell is heavier than a model, closer to a BRM or a Carrera...should be cool

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    I put one of those bodies on a ScaleAuto Home Series chassis. Details here: .
    I finally got a driver in it a few weeks ago, along with some urethane tires.
    As I recall, a Carrera BMW DTM Car has the same wheelbase.


    • 32lbking
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      How do you like the performance of the ScaleAuto Home Series chassis? Oh, and are you running on a plastic or wood track?
      Just noticed you said in the slotforum article that it runs great. So my new question would be how does it compare to the ScaleAuto metal chassis and H&R if you have either of those?

    • WB2
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      My track is a small wood affair, not really suitable for 1/24 cars.
      I did run it on a Carrera track I had set up but can’t remember much. It had the stock tires; since replaced with urethanes.
      Only 1/24 cars I have for comparison are BRM/TTS and Carrera.
      I chose the Home Series based solely on price. If I were to do it over, I’d definitely get aluminum wheels for it. The plastic wheels push onto indexed (flats) axle and I kept losing the right rear due to numerous left turns on my track. A bit of super glue took care of the problem (fingers crossed).
      I probably should have used a Carrera DTM chassis but I wasn’t sure it would work wheelbase and track-wise.

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    Great to know, I'll have a look. For next to nothing money they did a bang up job on the details and even markings...

    (Edit Nice conversion and walkthrough WB!
    Thanks for the lead to it..
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      Like great, nice tutorial!