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Lotus 56.....Indy 1968

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  • Lotus 56.....Indy 1968

    This has been transferred from the old forum.

    I have always been a huge Graham Hill fan, and I have built a lot of "Graham" cars, and this one is his Lotus 56 from the 1968 Indy 500.

    The body is a static 1/25 kit from Amt with a few poetic license modifications made as it is a slot car eg.,....the real car had the mirrors mounted on some rather high sheet aluminum supports....looked cool, but, not the sturdiest for a slot car, so, I mounted mine low on the bodywork

    I did make a few bits, added instrument wiring, and painted it with Tamiya TS36 Flourescent red..(which actually looks dead on in person). The decals are from Indycals (his stuff is very nice by the way) and the wheels are Cox 1/24 Lotus 40 wheels, which are accurate for the Indycar.
    My attempt at Graham's moustache is passable...not the highlight of the build

    It sits on a Flexi board brass/wire chassis and is powered by a modified 13UO motor.......sorry no pics.

    While I really like this car, it is long and narrow, and while it runs very well, long and narrow is not the hot tip for going fast!!

    Chris Walker

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2008-12-22 16.10.56.jpg Views:	0 Size:	660.9 KB ID:	5958

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    I have one of those kits on the shelf, waiting for conversion.


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      Beautiful build. Great work on the driver. I always liked this car......I had a Hot Wheels version as a kid! Regards RvE
      Toronto, Ontario


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        That looks great, did you give it four wheel drive also?


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          Originally posted by ccobra
          That looks great, did you give it four wheel drive also?
          It briefly,....very very briefly, crossed my mind, but, no, it is not four wheel drive.

          Chris Walker