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Info of Parma Motor?

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  • Info of Parma Motor?

    Hey guys,traded for some stuff.This one seems to have a bad motor as if will only run for a few seconds.
    Any info on what size of motor this is?I'm looking for one that would be good for racing on a Carrera home layout.
    If this was a regular Chassis,I would have a motor for it.I'm guessing this is a flex chassis?
    Rusty H
    Click image for larger version

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    Rusty that’s a16D motor
    clean it up it may still be ok


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      Yup, looks like an unbalanced arm so regular 16D.
      Usually they run OK if you take it apart and clean it. Probably has gunk in the commutator.

      And yes, looks like a Flexi2 chassis with the square offset oilites. For those that were wondering on another thread.....these are 48P gears too. I have those same tires on a couple 1/24 cars too. They work fine on my home track.
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        Hi Rusty, You have a Parma "16D" motor in your Flexi chassis, along with 48P gears.

        You could try running the motor under water for a minute or so, (3 or 4 volts in the direction of the 'V" on the can) then give it a shot of contact cleaner, run (out of water) for another minute, and then a tiny drop of oil on both motor bushings. If this does not work, one or both of the motor the brushes may be hung up on their hoods, the parts are readily available, and the fix is actually quite easy.

        Should you not want to fix what you have you could look for a Parma "home set" 16D.......these are becoming rare (no longer made), but, Professor motor does say they have a couple in stock.

        You could also use a "modern" plastic car motor, and if you choose this route, I would go with a long can "boxer" type, as your chassis is on the heavy side and will need the torque of a long can to give reasonable performance.
        Should you use one of these, you will likely need to either solder, or glue, it in place as the tapped holes in the "boxer" will not match the bracket on your chassis.
        Also If you choose to use the existing spur gear, (it is 48P) you must use the pinion on your existing motor (also 48P).......or you can buy a new 48P pinion (a ton of folks carry these).

        Hope this helps, and shout if you need more info/help

        Chris Walker

        PS My advice would be to snap up a new Parma home set motor from Prof. motor, will bolt right in, and they are relatively inexpensive at less than $15.


        • Silberpfeil
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          FYI...Professor Motors is out of the 16D Parma “Home Set” Motors.....

        • BIG E
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          PM me, I may a few of those PARMA homeset 16D motors left. Ernie

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        Thanks Guys!!!!!


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          I set up a few flexis for my track and just soldered the motor in. That is pretty typical of a lot of those chassis with the 16D. I guess experienced commercial racers are used to the screws not holding. so a lot of them solder in motors. Flexi cars and chassis are cheap and are one of the easiest chassis to run. Hard to get any kind of realistic scale look with the little tires and wide squatty bodies. Good car for new people to start out with and not worry if they tear up bodies.
          Matt B
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            What motor do you use Matt?
            I tried the cleaning on this one with no luck.


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              Those axle bushings can be rotated for different axle height for more clearance to!


              • Bill from NH
                Bill from NH commented
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                The offset bushings can also be used to change the chassis wheelbase, if you want to further tune the chassis. Parma also sold square bushings with the axle hole perfectly centered. Rotating them doesn't change a thing.

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              If you are still using the Carrera set type power supply those do not have enough juice to run a regular 16D motor, Parma did sell a home set version of the 16D for that reason. It looks like Parma is closing down and just selling off the last of their inventory, but a few dealers may still have Parma stuff in stock.


              • Bill from NH
                Bill from NH commented
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                Parma has been selling off the last of their inventory for 3 or 4 years. Motors were first to go missing, now lots of other product. In my opinion, the downturn started with the passing of the original owner Ken Mcdowell.

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              That is a Parma 16D. When working properly they will turn 50-60K. I have one that turns 80K. They draw/demand a lot of amps, your Carrera power supply probably won't run it properly. There might not be anything wrong with it. You can replace it with any F180 can motor. Or several C-130 motors will work but it will need to be mounted on the can side. You'll need one with the mounting holes as some cans do not have them.


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                I have a Parma motor laying around that I'm pretty sure is good. It's yours if you want to go that route but it's a bunch of motor for a plastic home track...


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                  Thanks buddy,I think Paul has one that he may be sending.
                  Thanks again for the offer..
                  Great bunch of guys here!!!


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                    Sure thing, just shout if you decide you need it.


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                      Ok , not sure if this would be the right post to ask this question , and if it isn't please move it to the correct one , My question is what is the best way to lengthen the shaft on a motor ? I ordered a couple of kits off of the bay and the pics I can see of the motors that are coming with the build kits looks a little short .


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                        What size armature shafts do these motors have? 1.5 mm., 2 mm., or something different? If they are 2 mm., I'd say use a 2 mm. (.078) drill blank with a wire spring or tubing connector.