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    Click image for larger version  Name:	P1010006.JPG Views:	43 Size:	142.8 KB ID:	5508Click image for larger version  Name:	P1010007.JPG Views:	35 Size:	147.7 KB ID:	5510Click image for larger version  Name:	P1010005.JPG Views:	34 Size:	146.3 KB ID:	5509

    This started with a 3D body Paul printed for me. He upsized a file for 1/32 to 1/25. I sanded too much and made too thin in spots. I then started laying body putty on it and sanding it more. When I finally got it so it looked like I wanted, I did a silicone mold and slush cast a body. I did 2 and finally got one pretty fair, I then used the best body in the mold to make a plug. It was just too time consuming to slush cast. After a lot of paint and some Indycals this is what I ended up with. I don't know how the real car was lettered, this was a combination of the DN4 decal sheet and the Shadow F1 decal sheet. It is one a simple LVJ chassis and runs a Cheetah 2 motor. It is a little more potent than what we race, but it is just for me to run by itself. I wanted it to be faster than the usual hot rod like we race.

    I did have trouble mounting the spoiler. I made a nice brass mount to solder to the frame for the spoiler to mount on. Trouble is you can't get the body on if you do this!!
    I ended up making a plastic mount glued to the back of the body. It works but is not as nice as it should have been.

    thanks to Paul for making the original body
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    Matt B
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    Matt ....
    That's fantastic! It really looks great.
    The wing is a PITA, but your solution looks pretty good to me! The gloss black is sharp, and you did a great job rounding it off.
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