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  • Vintage Johan Rambler Marlin

    Johan did 3 1/24 scale slot car bodies in the 60's. Not designed for any kind of chassis, just a carded body with a flat interior. They did the Marlin, a Chrysler Turbine car and A Monaco, I think. A guy up north resin cast one of the interiors and I lucked into a semi built Marlin model kit a few years ago. The interior has no posts and is not made for a particular chassis. I put this on an old Monogram brass chassis and used resin mounts I had on hand.
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    Really cool build - should get more interest!

    Responding to this half-a-year later - but I really like these Jo-Jan kits - so many impossible to find subjects. The slot bodies are extra rare, but of course the static kits are well suited for conversions.

    Would love to see a few pics of the vintage AMT chassis install.

    Unfortunately these Jo-Han kits have gotten expensive - I think there is little hope they will get reissued (although it may be possible for some of the subjects) - but little hope, and I don't see many resin splashes out there.

    This made me dig up an old shelf Jo-Han model that has seen better days - built like 35 years ago - I went ahead and simply cleaned it up.

    I very briefly owned one of these Marlins in 1:1, two-toned with the 327cid and a 4-speed (no, that *that* 327cid – the AMC 327cid) !



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      Wow, sweet kit and a car I'd never heard of or seen! Looks kinda like a 1966 Dodge Charger and Pymouth Barracuda had a baby, I like it!


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        Marlins didn't get a lot of attention when they came out. They had the same dashboard styling as the Rambler Ambassador with a big blank spot that had a huge chrome "Marlin" sign on it, and people hated the odd trunk. Some of them had a great center console which helped a lot. But the chrome plated shifter was just strange. I always wanted a Marlin, and daydreamed about a complete redo of the interior. Like so many cars in the late 60s, early 70s, Marlins got bigger and bigger. 1966 was the best for me.


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          Interesting info, thanks. I like the rear bodywork, just like I like the 66 Chargers! Ya, bigger was not better lol.

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        That’s great, thanks for sharing. It’s great seeing others building these vintage kits into slotcars. Most probably frowned upon in the model building community. I have a fairly large stash of old Johan kits waiting to be built into slotcars. I didn’t know Johan actually released a range of slotcars?


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          Mine was white with red two-tone, and had the buckets, console and four-speed. It was essentially the mid-size Rambler with a special roof. It still had the torque tube setup and the 50s era architecture 327 cid v8.

          It is pretty cool despite its humble beginnings, and it did predate the Dodge Charger. If you squint hard you can almost see the Chrysler "Norseman" 1956 concept car (which now sits on the ocean floor in the hold of the Andrea Doria)!

          In 1967 they created a 2nd Gen Marlin off the full-size Ambassador, with a modern style driveshaft and the then new 343cid V8 (the 290, 343, 360, 390, 401 family). This was a one year only car, and then that was it.


          You should consider having some resin molds pulled, because I for one (and there must be others like me) would love to build some of these AMCs and other Jo-Han offerings, but are held back because they are rare and collectible.



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            Wow, super interesting back story, just looked up that concept car too! Your red/white two-tone with four speed and 327 sounds like a sweet car!