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Tires for the BRM Mini Cars

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  • Tires for the BRM Mini Cars

    Looks like the club will be racing the BRM Mini Cars (Abarth, Mini Cooper, etc.) which means not only getting one but trying to find silicon tires for it.
    Anybody have any suggestions? Something that will slip right on?

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    Paul Gage says his tires for 1/32 Revo Slot cars fit the Escort wheels, so possibly do some measurements and compare to a silicone tire chart. He recommends a 21105LMDF for the Mini. He recommends that tire for 1/32 Revo Slot cars. Find a silicone for those and that should do it for you.
    There is a BRM forum on which has a long mini-car thread. It may contain info on silicone tires. Use Google Chrome and it will auto-translate.
    If you choose an Escort, the spur gear is poor. A BRM S-419A gear will do wonders for it.
    Word has it that these cars need some blueprinting and screw tightening OOB. My Escort had very noticeable tire rub, rectified by tossing one axle spacer and replacing another. They are a lot of fun.