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    Anyone have any experience with frankenslot karts, quality build availability? I'm interested in getting a couple and was curious as to what is out there? I have NINCO carts and enjoy them but was looking to step it up a little. Thank for any information.

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    I was looking at them to run on a 1/32 track. From everything I have found, they have extremely good chassis and hardware, but bodies and cosmetics are minimal.


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      I was wondering about that. The kit also needs to have wheels and tires as well, slotcar-factory in Germany carries them. Not sure if anyone else has these?? Very tempting to get a couple of these to run.


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        I was fooling with a larger scale kart scratch build - that dimensionally would end up sized like a 1/24 - so sort of similar to this kind of thing.

        I’m also Interested if anyone has had these or has run them.

        The driver looks undersized and the rims seem oversized - but the general idea seems good.



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          Try this, but use Chrome to get a translation:
          You’ll get some good pictures of the car, both raw and decorated.


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            So I contacted Slotcar Factory about the kit and what is included.

            hello, in the kit is included everything except rims and tires
            You can also use other wheels with 3 mm axles.
            The ground clearance of 1mm is designed for a tire diameter of 24 mm

            So the chassis design I think affects the size of the wheels and tires. I agree that the two items you mentioned look off the driver and the wheel sizes. I'd be interested in what you come up with.

            I also got a quote for two kits plus two wheel kits shipped for about 175EUR.


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              You may want to look at the Nonno slot karts before going for the Frankenslot version.

              Electric Dreams, and others stock the Nonno Slot karts.

              Chris Walker


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                Nice find, I will look into those as well. I didn't know that Nonno made Karts.



                • chrisguyw
                  chrisguyw commented
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                  I think you will like them !!,.....a nice handling flexi board chassis design, and, the vertical placement of the axles, allows for more realistically sized wheels/tires.

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                Have one on order! Thank you.


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                  Originally posted by GTI View Post
                  Have one on order! Thank you.
                  I think you will be pleased,........., but, as with anything, a couple of adjustments/truing will make a big difference.

                  Chris Walker

                  PS post an update when you have received /run your kart