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Down the rabbit hole we go, Part Deux...

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  • Down the rabbit hole we go, Part Deux...

    In August after a long hiatus from RC in general I bought a TRX4 Defender. Since then, I've got on a tear, basically started by a generous friend that gifted me an RC4WD Toyota TF2 with a leaf spring suspension which I proceeded to modify by making it into a Marlin. That involved softer leaf springs and replacing the front and rear bumpers, better tires, roll cage, and locating a shorter bed, and the latter proved to be problematic since RC4WD has a habit of making parts for a limited time but I eventually got lucky and found one still in it's original packing. Then comes the Iron Man paint job for it. While all this was going on I bought a RC4WD Defender 110 roller and you know I need parts for that as well. Well, it didn't end there, I bought an RC4WD C2X which is a Class 2 rig - yep more mods... THEN, I bought the elusive Marlin (still modding the original gifted to be like this one) which came with a sweet stake bed and a spare bed. This one a I repainted in Camel yellow and scuffed up to look worn. But wait, there's more. I made a stab in the dark, ridiculous offer on an RC4WD Toyota FJ40 that was on Ebay and wouldn't you know it, the seller accepted. Also, there's a Killerbody LC 70 body on the way to hang on another chassis. So, here we are and it's only November...

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    Oh man oh man....I like those. Our local just took delivery of two new ones....Oh I want the 4Runner!!


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      Leaf spring rigs (TF2s) handle differently from the 4-links but that's not to say they're inferior, they just require a bit more thought on your lines. That and they have a bit less flex but then again they're scalers. I like that they are hardbodies as well. If you're a modeller like me, that opens up the door for a fair bit of creativity. One day I'll get good enough to make my stuff look like this Toyota.

      Click image for larger version

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      Here's a short video of an SR5 in action.


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        I have a photo here in the Abyss of a pair of RC4WD Yodas a local guy here made. Just took my breath away. Will find it.


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          Nice fleet of trucks!!!!
          TOM...HOME RACING GOO GOO!!!
          Warren, Ohio


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            Nice trucks looks like a nice bouncer cage on the wall too
            What is it with small vehicles you can drive. Oh ya there GREAT!!!
            Peterborough Ont


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              An addition or two...

              Click image for larger version

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