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  • Cox Super Scale cars

    Just picked up this lot of Cox Super Scale 1/40 scale cars.

    The Manta amd Torero are missing some body parts but a pard in Spain on another forum is sending me a replacement wing to to repop along with me using the scoop of the Manta to use to repop the Torero scoop. PdL has offered some NOS tires from his own supply.

    I love the chassis design of these little cars: anglewinder power, metal pan, torsion bar independent front suspension w/ independent rotating front turned aluminum wheels, etc. Acquired for less than half of the 1973 MSRP adjusted for CPI inflation rate. A perfect smaller scale addition to use with the Cox Super Scale " speed control" double lane changer track grafted into my Artin track.

    I might even try fitting a 2.4 Ghz proportional speed control receiver into one or two of them for wireless control.
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    ...and the Hanson brothers took their COX set on the road in 1977's "Slap Shot" w/ Paul Newman!
    Enjoy! -- Ernie