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  • Wish I still Had It

    I had this until a few years ago. Sold at a ridiculous profit but now wish I still had it. Circa mid 60’s. Buzz A Rama is still in business. May be the oldest commercial slot car raceway in existence in the US.
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    A great box for sure, and a classic since they are still around. I would like to make a pilgrimage some day.....
    Come Race at The Trace!
    Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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      Wow! That looks like a genuine Hoffman box, they were what the Pros used, and I believe they were the best of the purpose made wooden race boxes of that time. Pretty sure the Brooklyn raceway carried them back in the day. I also love that light color finish, it's very cool, in my opinion. I have three of them with the usual dark wood stained finish, covered in all sorts of decals, both old and new, and I use them for my HO slot car racing club cars and equipment.
      I'm on Long Island less than an hour's drive from Buzz-A-Rama, but I haven't been over to see Buzzy since before the virus hit. I've been getting invites lately to run in some Flexi and Womp races there, but I'm not quite ready to go spend hours on end cooped up in a commercial raceway just yet. I've gotta ask him about that box, though. I have one or two of the smaller versions of that decal he had given to me a while back, the kind he would give to customers to put on their slot boxes back in the sixties. They were printed on glossy self stick white paper ovals (not vinyl) with the black logo lettering, and they are cool VINTAGE stuff!
      I agree with you that Buzzy may have the oldest raceway still operating in the US, at least in the northeast. Unfortunately, parking is a real pain, and I am not one who enjoys driving around in Brooklyn without a clue as to where I'm going. Last time a friend and I raced there in a vintage event (that was A LOT of FUN), we had to lug our heavy wooden boxes four blocks to get back around to 69 Church Ave. and the raceway's front door!
      Well known Elmsford Raceway's owners Lou and Barbara decided a few years ago to close operations permanently, and not sell to new owners. I believe their (adult) children are still operating ERI Distributing, also in the northern Westchester area where the raceway was located since 1966. I always enjoyed driving up there for a day of FUN, an occasional race, and a big dose of nostalgia running on those vintage tracks. I miss having that place within reasonable driving distance, for sure.
      Don't tell Buzzy you made big $$$ on his old box! Stay safe, healthy, and... Thanks for the photo! -- Ernie


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        I'm going to assume that a thread titled "Wish I Still Had It" can include posts about items beyond just pit boxes that are sorely missed.

        It hasn't ruined my life, but it would be cool if I still had the two Aurora Super II pre-production car samples that I was given to evaluate in my "HO Model Proving Grounds" test articles for Car Model back in the early 1970's.

        They came in presentation boxes. They had vacuum-formed bodies with detailed driver figures. They had wire braid welded to the pickups -- a feature that did not work well and was soon dispensed with.

        The fact those two cars were given to me was notable. My policy had been to buy my test cars at retail, in an effort to avoid cherry-picked samples from the manufacturers. But somebody convinced Aurora that it was needful to get test samples into my hands soonest. So that happened.

        I'm not a collector, but I think those two cars could legitimately be considered some of the most highly collectable cars Aurora ever made. Too bad they went missing decades ago. I've no idea what happened to them. Sad.

        You can read that test article on my HO RacePro website, in the "Library" section.

        Ed Bianchi
        Ed Bianchi
        York Pennsylvania USA