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Wire wheels.

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  • Wire wheels.

    I'm looking for information on what company's made 1/24 wire wheels back in the day ? And if anyone has a pair that they are willing to part with.

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    • Rastas
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      Hard to get a good shot with the phone!

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    I sold off the last set that I had earlier this year, pictured below. Russkit was the manufacturer, note that there are narrow and wide versions.

    Click image for larger version

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    DAVE - MI, USA


    • BIG E
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      Ah yes, those Russkit gems are collector's gold. For the shelf, of course!
      Ya need a set of knockoffs to complete the deal on a car, too.
      Thanks for the look back at a nice clean pair.Enjoy! -- Ernie :>)

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    Hi John, I think that the Russkit wire wheels shown by Dave and Rastas were the only 1/24th "true" wire wheels made commercially. (I have seen some made by individual hobbyists)
    While they were certainly gorgeous, they were not always the most true running, and were known as not being the most robust in the event of a crash. As well ,they were made for 5/40 threaded axles, if that is a concern.

    Great for their looks, and for running parade laps,.....not so much for racing

    Chris Walker

    PS Not the cheapest either,....if you can find them.
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      I had a full set too like Dave showed. Very pretty, and as Chris says very delicate (one reason they are rare).

      The Ninco "wires" were pretty decent too, and some inserts are ok nowadays. I would recommend those for racing.
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        Thanks all for your response . I first seen them in the early 80's my mate was given a scratch built brass chassis lexen body Corvette with wire wheels on it and since I got back into slot cars I've been looking into finding some to build a car with wheels like that. I won a action on a monogram Mustang and it had this pair on it. Thank you all for the information.


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          I sold a set of 4 of the Russkit wire wheels earlier this year. People are willing to pay crazy money for a complete set.
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            I've been looking for wire wheels for quite some time , I brought a a complete car just for a pair ,the pictures weren't the best so I hoped for the best when I was bidding they could of been inserts I was lucky ! And the monogram Mustang was just a bonus . The Lexan body is the original but to far gone but the chassis is in very good condition for its age ! I downloaded a Mustang file last night for it and I'll print a hard body for it, it won't be completely original but the same model Mustang will do me! I had a new set of Cox sponge wheels so I will make the most of them .