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Old Revell rtr's that I finally got around to cleaning and restoring, a bit.

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  • Old Revell rtr's that I finally got around to cleaning and restoring, a bit.

    These have been a couple on-going projects that I finally got together and sort of re-finished. These came out late in the slot car boom, 66/67 and were Ok cars, but not really even with Cuc's and some of the other rtr's available. They had nice vac formed bodies, but no drivers which makes them look incomplete. I did up some Revell drivers to finish them off.

    The green Lola was made near the end of the run and isn't one that is very common. The green Genie is also a color I haven't seen much. The red Genie is more common and this body is busted up all over. The gold Ford GT is my favorite color of that issue.

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    Matt B
    So. In

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    Those look like the first 1/32 slot cars I had my hands on
    Thanks for the memory



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      Hi Matt, ...nice to see these so well looked after/maintained ...........the Genie was my favourite of the bunch, .....I thought it looked "tougher" and , everyone did Ford Gt's and T70's, so, it was a little different.

      We used to freeze the drop arms, and add some side pans, and they ran really well.

      Chris Walker


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        For the chassis design and motor they had they were pretty good, they just weren't very even with the state of art slot cars from 67. Compared to Cox 36D cars, Testors and the rest of the 36D sidewinder cars, they were pretty good. Back in that era, sticking/adding classes that were for those car designs would have helped keep the fad going a while longer.

        One of the guys I sell parts for told me had a Genie body and he would send it to me He didn't provide any details, but this showed up in the mail yesterday. My new favorite color. I will probably do a better display copy since I am rapidly getting more of these than I want. I have a slot car friend (Martin Windmill) who worked for Joe Huffaker at Huffaker Motor sports. Martin did all the lead work on the Genie restorations and is very knowledgeable about the real car driven by Don Westerly.
        Click image for larger version

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        Matt B
        So. In