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  • Vintage Set in a Box?

    Hey all –

    Hope everyone here is doing well – these are amazing times.

    So, not sure if this is the correct forum within HRW to post but I’ve been reflecting upon some of my childhood memories of slot cars and keep coming up short on finding some information.

    When I was a kid (around circa 1974) my dad bought me a slot car set which came preformed in a box. The track was sort of molded in a plastic material which was housed inside the box, and there was some basic scenery inside surrounding the track (rocks, etc. which was made part of the scenery). It looked pretty cool – I believe it had a toll booth as well. Best I can remember it had the controllers inside (I think) and was HO scale. I played with it a lot and I think the plastic eventually failed forcing the rails up and out of the molding.

    Anyway – can’t find any reference to this thing on the internet and was wondering if any good slot car veterans and/or sleuths can remember this set and provide any information.

    Stay well and thanks!!

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    Might be a Galoob micro machine slot car set - cars were a bit smaller than ho -I have one without the cars and missing a few houses -folded into itself
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      Aurora had this set.

      There was also this salesman's case.

      Both used regular Aurora track.


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        These are very cool, and pretty rare, but both of these were '60s products. Probably not these if you got it new in '74. Google Bernard's Slot Car Museum - I'm sure he would know.

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      Thanks all - it's none of the above. It was more like the James Bond set that had the track molded within the box. It may have been battery operated - it was pretty long ago so don't remember all the specifics but I do remember some form of toll booth. I'll check out the slot car museum - thanks again!!


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        Possibly Ideal Motorific. Though not sure if they were still being made in the early 70s. But they have no controllers.
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          It may be an Aurora Screechers HO set.
          The year of issue would be about right, and they were preformed, decorated sets with some crazy cars made from Aurora's parts bin.
          Do some searching, you may find something that looks familiar. Hope this helps, stay safe and healthy. -- Ernie


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            Score!!! I had the Interstate Chase Set - I think it was slot-less. Man I played the hell out of that set - it was a blast. Thanks for finding it!!


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              Glad "we" could help.
              Everyone here is happy to assist our fellow HO slot car enthusiasts with their needs, whether they be technical, collector related, or just plain having FUN!
              Enjoy! -- Ernie :>)