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Another unusual oldie

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  • Another unusual oldie

    Wing position down the straight

    Wing position braking for the corner

    The chassis. Someone once told me it was of Japanese origin allows the motor to rotate which moves a rod that is attached to the wing. The body looks to be a SCX Chaparral.
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    Hi Rico, ....Good find It is in fact an SCX Chaparral body, with the chassis modified to accept a much more modern motor.......original chassis came with a 16D, not the 13D now installed.

    Chris Walker


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      my 13D's have much larger square holes, right over to the edge of the magnets, and just about as long as the stack, as found in Monogram midgets and 32nd F1's.


      • chrisguyw
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        The motor in the car above is a 13D,......not to be confused with a 13UO (which is the motor in the Mono., midgets and F1 cars)

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      So.....maybe a 13UO.....but it looks to me like a Falcon or similar clone.

      Body does appear to be the Scalextric version, or modified with rear vents/grillwork. My SCX:Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200414_214629.jpg
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      Note the pronounced clamshell design of the SCX.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200414_214607.jpg
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      Definitely have the nicer Scalex body. Riko chassis?
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        Here's a pic of the back of mine

        I think the answer has been pretty obvious and in plain sight

        I wasn't aware that Scalextric even made this car. I do believe I was told it was a modified Riko chassis but I couldn't remember until you jogged my memory.



        • Lindy
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          I think that is the mark of the Spanish Scalextric (known everywhere else as SCX).
          - Bob

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        Yup, SCX for sure. Someone put in a LOT of work to modify this car. Nice.


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          Good job of doing the mechanical wing operation.. Pretty much like Cox did with their inline cars.. It's a neat job.
          Matt B
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