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K&B Corvair

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  • K&B Corvair

    I received this for Christmas some years ago, so I take no credit other than ownership

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    That is really cool!


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      Are those wood blocks the chassis is mounted to?


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        Yes, yes they are.


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          Keep it forever it's perfect.


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            Nice car....the Corvair was really nice.
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              That thing is cool.



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                Really like this. Before opening the post, I envisioned a second generation, but to my surprised a first gen shows up.

                I'd like to find one of these.

                Thanks for the posting.



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                  I wonder what body that is? ..Does anyone know if a model company made a plastic 61-64 style body?.. There were the metal bodied slot cars made by one of the minor slot car companies, ....but I have never seen them except on Ebay.... Aurora/K&B never made any model except the 65 version. .. Maybe that is a 1/25 model kit body??

                  It is neat and I drove a 62 and a 65 many years ago. .. I really liked the 65 and raced it like a Chaparral!
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                    It looks to be a model kit that was converted to a slot car, hence the wood mounting blocks for the chassis. No idea when it was made or brand of kit. It appears to have been done a long time ago from the yellowing/coloring on the glue.


                    • mattb
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                      I bet it was an AMT kit that somebody converted back in the early 60's. Lucky you have it. Looks like builder was a pretty good modeler. My real 62 was that kind of bronze color.

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                    There was a corvair on e-pay a bit back. I almost bought it, but during closer inspection the roof as warped and distorted. Sorry, not fixing that.
                    Cool car you have. Best one I've seen


                    • BIG E
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                      A warped and distorted body my well indicate that it was a promo body converted to slot car use. I had a few early 60s Falcon promo bodies that gave me the same problem back in the 1980s. I remember seeing many other late 50s and early 60s promos being sold like that at the model/slot car shows I was vending at back in the 70s and 80s. The formula used for the plastic was the most likely culprit. Many of the vendors wouldn't give you a break on a warped body, saying "they're all like that", insinuating some sort of value relating to the originality of the piece! Whatever.
                      Just some extra info on the subject. Be well, and... Enjoy! -- Ernie