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1/32 Bandai Chaparral 2F on Monogram chassis

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  • 1/32 Bandai Chaparral 2F on Monogram chassis

    1/32 scale Bandai Chaparral 2F

    This is a retro-type build, the type of scratch building done before the internet and the resurgence of 1/32 scale model race cars in the mid-nineties. Plus it’s sorta like something I may have done in middle school. So it is not comparable to the beautiful scale slot cars made today. I know MRRC and Scalextric have made really nice versions at an affordable price AND Slot-It has theirs coming later this year. Which means there’s no reason to do this. Even so I’m really enamored with this project because it has a certain vintage charm to it.

    I had two choices of 1/32 scale Chaparral 2F models to convert into a slot car: Tamiya and Bandai. The Bandai version was also sold under other names such as: AHM, Central, Crown, Eidai, Marusan & UPC. Both are passable representations of the high wing 2F as raced in 1967. The proportions or shape of either body are not quite right and is easily noticeable when looking at photos of the real car. Overall I would say neither one is as good as The Strombecker Chaparral 2D but as good as the average sixties slot car models.

    I chose the Bandai because I remember these kits when I was younger. I was happy someone made these race car models but wasn’t too impressed with the quality. These seem like really inexpensive toys when compared to the US made models. There is a lot of mold flash around some edges and some parting lines are rather large. When done they look slightly different from the wonderful box art.

    The clam shell body has the sides and lower portion of the nose molded to the bottom portion so those had to be cut off and glued in position. Once that was done I added mounting posts to the body. It now fits perfectly on a very simple aluminum home race set chassis made by Monogram in the sixties and it even has great looking Chaparral pattern plastic wheels. It will fit right in with my small fleet of cars utilizing vintage Monogram chassis.
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    Very cool !!...........good to see more folks who appreciate and build Vintage cars .......and with a little work, they can be made to run extremely well !!

    Chris Walker


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      I agree. Back in the 90s no one was making good versions of 60s cars. The Fly T70 made a huge splash. Those Bandaid/AHM models were always on my auction search and I paid too much for them back then. I have a few, and they are slightly larger as shown but the closest thing we had.

      Nice work making a Monogram 2F!
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