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    In the mid/late sixties the "Thingie" craze hit the slot car world, with the Cox LaCucaracha at the forefront of the numerous launches. "Classic" industries was a manufacturer that focused on this thingie craze, and produced numerous models, including the Asp, Manta Ray, Stinger, Gamma Ray, Serpent, and the Astro V........with the Manta Ray still the car that has (did) sold more than any slot car in history.!!!

    All in all, "Classic" Industries sold several million of their "Thingie" range that to the 2/3 thousand sold per model in the current day.

    One of the club guys from Canada's west coast had an old Astro V, and found that it was less than impressive, when he tried to run it on their club track...(not surprising as the old sponge tires were rocks, the braid severely worn/oxidized, and the axles almost seized). With an attraction to all Vintage slot cars, (but I must admit, I really don't like "thingies) ), ....I volunteered , to rebuild it.

    I did not take any "before" shots, nor did a take a picture of the body ( I stole one from "Images") ,.........this thread is mainly to show you folks an Astro V, and what the running gear looked like.

    Chris Walker

    The "Classic" Industries "Astro V", my mind a fairly hideous looking thing, and in my opinion the most ridiculous thingie produced by "Classisc".......not to say I was terribly attracted to the other 'Classic" models

    Definitely "Land speed record" looking......and considering its launch date, it is highly conceivable that some of the "Bonneville" guys took some inspiration from this shape !!.........I took the following pic. from "Images".

    Click image for larger version  Name:	unnamed.jpg Views:	0 Size:	70.1 KB ID:	28115

    While I tried to use as many of the supplied parts as possible, I did have to substitute many Vintage parts from my parts stash..............4 new tires glued/trued, (yes the fronts/rears on the original were that size !! ), a new rear axle, a new pinion (8T to replace the stock 10T), lead wire, rear axle bushings, and some new vintage (screw on) braid.

    The car was given a good clean/polish, the chassis was straightened, the beefy 36D motor taken apart/overhauled, and a small hole was drilled into the front chassis crossmember and the drop arm,..this allows the use of a small nut/bolt to be used to freeze the drop arm, and with the addition/subtraction of spacers on the bolt between the chassis and drop arm, the guide height can be adjusted.....(drop arms basically disappeared in the late 60's....for good reason )

    It runs really really well,..........much better than I remember the ones I saw as a kid........I think the owner will be more than pleased

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN4502.JPG Views:	0 Size:	633.9 KB ID:	28150

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN4501.JPG Views:	0 Size:	633.8 KB ID:	28117
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    Very cool project Chris!



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      Cool project,.........unfortunately, not the coolest car !!

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    Typical nice job Chris..... Attention to detail is what distinguishes your work. ....Not one of my favorites at all, but the styling reminds me a land speed record car from Bonneville...... I guess maybe kids were impressed.....they came out at a time when serious racers wouldn't even look at them, ,,except to laugh. ....I've had a few and have one now that is a new build from parts I had,,,,the body is from Gene Adams. .... I may do another/better green one, as green is my favorite color of Classic thingies.,,,,and I think I have enough parts on hand for one chassis.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	P1010029.JPG
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Name:	P1010012.JPG
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Name:	stinger.JPG
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    the last one , the coupe, is on a manta ray chassis and was used on the local track. Now it gets play laps at home
    Matt B
    So. In


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      Wow, this brought back some memories! A very good friend of mine had one in the sixties. It did not go very well but boy, was it ever different to my "real car" eyes! And at least of interest from that perspective....


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        Alwyn, You should be able to see this one go in a couple of is Mikes', of your club guys, I am returning it to him this week.