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    Originally posted by Apexdreamer50 View Post
    This is one of the chassis I plan on keeping and trying to get running again. I see that it’s a K&B and appears to be easily adjusted for different bodies.
    I did have a question though regarding the mechanism on the right rear drive wheel. Is this some kind of differential that came on the scene way back when or what?
    If you know what this is and are familiar with how they work please let me know.

    Search K&B Cortina mechanical brake.
    DAVE - MI, USA


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      i have some old K&B's, but i've never seen that one.
      that looks like a brake unit, which probably worked off the rotation of the motor in it's cradle to move the bar to activate a friction disc on the rear axle.
      my favorit one (Cox?) had a horizontally swinging weight on an arm which pulled on a string.
      of course, it went faster without all that stuff on it. right before we started building our own chassis and working over the motors. that kind of thing worked better on Big commercial tracks than anywhere else. (36Ds, 2:1 gears, large diameter tires, long straights, big banks, etc.)
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        The $250 unit is the plug and play approach. Here's a link to the DIY approach.


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          The MPC Dyn-O-Can cars were the ones that had mechanical front brakes. I was not able to identify the car with the blue anodized chassis. It is similar to a Unique chassis.


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            I have the Scaletrix wireless set and also analog track , I figured it will be easier to change out the power track if I want to run two cars instead of 6 a once .