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Scalextric Panther Special F1 Chassis - dead motor?

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  • Scalextric Panther Special F1 Chassis - dead motor?

    So I took a chance on one of these in nice shape on the auction site and it was billed as Non running. I re soldered the pick up lead and still no movement out of the motor. I'm think it's burnt out as it has some brown discoloration on the winds. I've tried re seating the motor wire leads onto what looks like the commutator/brush area but still dead. Any tips on what I can try or do I begin searching for other motor options?
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    Hello, It is hard to tell from the picture, but, it appears that the top (in the pic.) motor brush is not contacting the comm.,........the bottom one also does not look like it is making good contact.

    Te arms on the motor brushes do have a few bends in them, and the "U" shape in the arms must be situated on the plastic pegs on the brush plate in order to "rock" and make contact with the comm..............try fiddling with the position of these motor brush arms first.

    If this works,.......

    1/ remove the motor brushes and give the faces of the brush blocks a clean with some contact cleaner or isopropyl alcohol.

    2/Check that the comm slots are not full of junk....they can be cleaned out (carefully) with a sharpened toothpick.

    3/ Install everything and while running (3/4 volts) give the comm a quick shot of contact cleaner....let run for a minute or so.

    4/ Apply a tiny drop of oil to both armature shaft bushings and axle bushings.

    If the motor does not spin after the motor brush arms are seated.............

    1/ try applying your power leads directly to the motor brush arms........if this works, you may have a broken lead wire, or, more likely, the cap bridging the motor leads (at the guide) may be faulty.
    You can remove this cap, and try again.

    Once you have the motor running, you should go through steps 1-4.

    It is also hard to determine whether any of the windings/comm connections are broken, but, by the looks of things, I do not think this is the case.
    The discolouration on the stacks is not a problem, and is very common on older open frame motors.

    Hope this helps, and let us know how you make out.

    Chris Walker


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      Thanks Chris, I have someone sending me a set of what I think are the correct motor brushes for a Pitman motor. The existing ones are in bad shape. Will let you know how it goes.