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Unique Engineering chassis with russkit motor

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  • Unique Engineering chassis with russkit motor

    I've got an old Unique Engineering chassis with a russkit motor that used to be my fathers. Not sure if it still works or not, but was wondering what motor I can replace the russkit one with?

    Any help would be great so I can get this car running when I build my track.

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    Does the Russkit run? Those old 16D's are pretty easy to repair and work on. An fk will fit that chassis.
    Matt B
    So. In


    • jcwoodwrx
      jcwoodwrx commented
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      it was probably last run about 24 years ago. My father has a small carrara track that I might be able to test it on.

    • Bill from NH
      Bill from NH commented
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      Take 9V battery & touch the pickup brushes to the positive & negative lugs on the battery. If it runs, the battery will spin the armature slowly. If it doesn't turn, something needs fixing. I like your dad's old chassis.

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    Put some juice to it - amazingly these 50 plus year old toys usually just work.

    But you can simply disassemble it, clean it up, get everything spinning easy and clean up the motor, check the brushes - and like I say they usually just work.

    It’s possible the motor windings are burnt but probably not. And yes replacement motors are easy to come by - could probably even get another vintage Russ kit motor- they are out there.

    The vintage stuff is just great, made to last and service.



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      The armature looks okay in the photo and the motor lead wires are relatively newer Parma PSE wire, test it with a 9 volt battery. I always have a good 9v with me at swap meets for motor testing.
      DAVE - MI, USA


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        That looks like a Russkit 22 motor, they were good motors back in the mid '60s and should be good enough today. Try powering up the motor with a fresh battery as has been suggested. If it runs at all it is probably OK, but some contact cleaner on the commutator would not hurt. Follow that up with a little oil on the bearings. NOS Russkit 22 motors are still available, the prices are all over the place, however.


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          it runs on the 9v battery...definitely sounds like it needs a little TLC though.


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            The commutator is probably dirty, the motor brushes may be worn out and the brush springs might have lost tension after almost 60 years. Replacement brushes might be difficult to find, modern brushes are larger, in a pinch you could sand those down to fit the brush holders. I believe that modern springs would fit.


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              Electric Dreams has NOS motor brushes (vintage 16D) for your Russkit 22.

              If as you say the motor does run, it would be a good idea to run it submerged in water for a minute or so to remove the old hardened oil, and the gunk in the commutator slots, this will help the motor considerably. After you run it under water, remove it from the water, and while still running, dry it with a hair dryer/compressed air. A small drop of oil will be needed on both the endbell bushing and, the can bushing........the can bushing on these motors is "blind", so you will need an oiler with a syringe , and then insert it into the motor between the stacks on the arm to reach the can bushing,.........not nearly as complicated as it sounds .

              If you can save the motor, it would be great, as while other motors can be installed (with a bit of work), it would be a shame to ruin the vintage nature of the car.

              Chris Walker